Dear Parents,

Tomorrow, many members of our community will celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Central to the spirit of Thanksgiving is to focus our attention on our blessings and to express our gratitude for them. In a year full of so many new challenges, we have many blessings to be very thankful for. 

As I walk around campus and see our educators and students engaged in their classrooms and activities, I am deeply grateful that we are able to be together in person at school, an opportunity that so many young people around the world do not currently have. We held our SAS Annual General Meeting virtually earlier this week, and students from each division shared several highlights from their SAS experience. As I listened to their stories, I felt a deep sense of gratitude knowing that we as a school are impacting thousands of students like them each day. If you have a few minutes, please feel free to watch. 

One of the reasons we are able to be on campus each day is because of the tremendous effort of our housekeeping staff.  The COVID pandemic has significantly altered the processes and volume of work required each day to ensure our campus is clean and our community remains safe and healthy. Door handles, stairwell railings, and many other surfaces are wiped down multiple times each day. Classrooms are kept stocked with soap, hand sanitizer, and other items needed to ensure students can also wipe down as needed throughout the day. This ongoing “behind-the-scenes” work plays a pivotal role in the learning our students enjoy each day.

To help express our gratitude to our housekeeping staff, we built them an Eagle’s Nest rest area with drinks and snacks. This revitalized area now serves as a place where team members can comfortably gather, enjoy meals, and rest during their breaks. We opened this Eagle’s Nest this month to celebrate Thanksgiving, and it was very nice to share the moment with our housekeeping team. 

During the Christmas season, we also host a holiday treat drive to show gratitude to our SAS custodians, cleaners, security staff, and all our friends who keep SAS running smoothly. There are 170 SAS Eagles we wish to shower with sealed boxes of chocolates, cookies, dried fruit, sweets, nuts, coffee and tea. The holiday treat drive runs from November 17 until December 9. The drop-off boxes are in all three division offices and all the music classrooms in the school. If you wish to contribute, please pack your children's backpacks with holiday treat donations for our workers.

Thank you for your continued contributions to our community. I hope you all have a restful Thanksgiving break.


Tom Boasberg