Congratulations to our graduates! This morning we celebrated a wonderful commencement with our Class of 2020. In case you missed it, you can view the ceremony here. We had over 1,400 people streaming the ceremony at one point! We also have a graduation page celebrating our senior class that you can view here.  

My heart goes out to our seniors, for they have been unable to fully enjoy many of the traditions that are such an integral part of senior year. But this morning, as they have done so many times this semester, I watched our graduates and our high school educators turn an obstacle into an opportunity. With creativity, ingenuity, and a lot of heart, they created a very memorable virtual graduation ceremony. I especially want to thank our high school leadership team for the countless hours they put in to make this special event happen.  

A unique aspect of this year’s graduation was that our seniors received their diploma directly from their loved ones. We got to watch live the tears of joy and hugs as parents handed their children their diplomas. With caps and gowns and diplomas all hand-delivered in recent days, our families were very prepared to celebrate at their homes. 

The event was marked by thoughtful speakers, talented musicians, and a gathering of loved ones from around the world. As our senior class speaker, Satvik Jain remarked, we have lots to be proud of here at SAS.

Once again, congratulations to a group of seniors so marked by their vitality and promise. You are my first senior class here at SAS and you experienced a graduation that I do not think any of us will ever forget.  



Tom Boasberg