Dear Parents,

What do the expansion of our Chinese Immersion program, the launch of our middle school play spaces, and our teacher leadership program have in common?

They are several of the many highlights of the SAS experience that are funded by your donations. Your giving makes these experiences possible—thank you!

As we look forward to celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday next week, we wanted to share our gratitude for your gifts. They not only create opportunities for students that go beyond what your tuition dollars fund, but they are also a very tangible sign of our community’s commitment to giving back to our school. 

Many of the programs and offerings our students enjoy require support beyond what school fees at our non-profit school can cover. This is where your gifts have a tremendous impact. Your giving has funded—in part or sometimes in full—all of the initiatives listed below, and more!

To learn more about the impact each dollar has on our learners, please click here to view our 2020-21 impact report.

Last year, our donor community contributed more than S$3.3 million in gifts, which has had a deep and far-reaching impact on the school.  Nearly 60% of SAS educators made gifts to the school as part of our Lucky 8’s programs and our parent participation was at 23 percent. This year, we began our annual campaign in October, and in the coming weeks and months, you will receive further invitations to participate in giving at SAS. We hope you will accept this invitation to contribute to the incredible experience we come together to provide for our students, educators, and community.

Your gift matters—whether you give five or 5,000 dollars, each donation creates more opportunities for our students and helps build our community. To learn more about how you can expand the possibilities for our students through your donation, please click here.


Tom Boasberg