Dear Parents,

Sixty-five years ago a group of parents used critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and a pioneering spirit to found Singapore American School. Today, parents, students, and educators use these same attributes to create meaningful learning experiences in the midst of a pandemic. I am grateful for the spirit of our school that continues to propel us forward, even in challenging circumstances. Thank you for contributing to this work each and every day!

During these challenging times, the social-emotional wellness of our students and educators remains our highest priority. Working within the health and safety constraints mandated by the Singapore Government, our educators, students, and parents have been creative, collaborative, and dedicated in focusing on what we can do. Click here to hear from our students as they share their highlights from the fall semester. Below are just a few of the ways our educators have created meaningful opportunities for our students and community. 

  • Middle school students had the opportunity to compose music, write code, build instruments, learn sign language, create a gerbil maze, juggle, bake, draw, knit, and beyond as part of TRiTime Taster 

  • Our performers were able to showcase their talents in dance shows, theater performances, and musical concerts. Our high school performers were able to perform live for the first time in two years as they debuted The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

  • Booster Club bbq’s were a hit with our high school students

  • The PTA gave our students lots to be grateful for with their Thanksgiving lunches

  • Senior parents did an amazing job celebrating our senior class with several exciting senior spirit days

  • The Working on Wellness (WOW) team organized several well-received wellness speaker events featuring Dr. Kelly McGonigal and Dr. Shirzad Chamine for SAS community members

  • Chinese immersion students enjoyed a special mid-autumn festival celebration

  • We held a small groundbreaking ceremony for our new elementary school featuring an energetic group of elementary students 

We are hopeful that as we move into the endemic phase of the virus that we will see a further relaxation of restrictions in January and that next semester we will continue to be able to offer our students increased opportunities for connection. 

I hope each of you is able to enjoy a restful winter holiday with friends and family!


Tom Boasberg