Dear Parents,

As we kick off fall break, I want to express my thanks to each of you for your support and contributions during our first quarter of school. Your volunteer hours, distance learning support, and feedback are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

As we conclude this first quarter I want to share several highlights.

Focus on Wellness

As we move further into the pandemic, our focus on the physical and social-emotional health of our community has become even more important. The first quarter has been both challenging and promising, and we will continue to focus in our classrooms and advisory periods in supporting our students’ social-emotional wellbeing. We are pleased to see that we will be able to return to in-person learning after fall break and hope to resume afterschool activities as soon as we are permitted to do so.  

We are also grateful for the recent announcement regarding the opportunity for increased travel in the weeks and months ahead. We shared a letter earlier this week asking for your input regarding possible changes to our calendar to facilitate travel during the winter break. Please take a moment to review that email and share your thoughts using the link in the letter if you have not done so already. 


Earlier this semester, we shared that one of our areas of focus for 2021-22 is promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our classrooms. This effort builds on the schoolwide DEI commitment statement we shared last year. 

Our educators have been engaging in professional development on how best to employ culturally responsive practices in the classroom. Culturally responsive practices are about connecting with students’ cultures, languages and experiences and incorporating this knowledge into learning in the classroom. Teachers have been examining their lesson plans to explore ways to incorporate student voice, to find resources that reflect the cultures and identities of their students, and to critically reflect on what students are learning. 

I have seen this work come to life in our classrooms throughout the campus. In seventh grade, students analyzed texts using several different critical lenses including gender and feminism. In fourth grade, our teachers have reimagined their classroom libraries to better reflect the diversity of the students in the classrooms. And in high school, a DEI student leadership club was formed and students were able to participate in the JUMP! Foundation DEI Collective. 

SAS Reimagined (Campus Upgrade Project)

Our construction team has been hard at work this semester in the face of significant restrictions and shortages in Singapore’s construction sector. We opened up our west fields for our students to use in PE. We also kicked off work on our new elementary school scheduled to open in fall 2023. The elementary school groundbreaking ceremony was a small but fun event featuring our youngest learners. As we begin construction, some of you have asked about what we are doing to minimize the noise. Last week, we shared a fun, short video about how we’re tackling the subject of noise that highlights just how quiet it has been as we drive the foundation piles.

Thank you for helping get the year off to a good start. Have a restful fall break!


Tom Boasberg