Dear Parents,

“3-2-1, Eagles!” 

And with that, a half dozen of our elementary schoolers, clad in hard hats and safety vests, lifted their nearly shoulder-height shovels to hurl clumps of dirt into the air. The flying of dirt celebrated the groundbreaking of our new elementary school. 

Asked what they are looking forward to in the new school, our students raved about the new play spaces, dining options, classrooms, swimming pools, “and everything!” Please click here for a short video of the groundbreaking and images of the new school building. 

When we last launched a construction project two decades ago, our goal was to support increased enrollment by adding our early learning center and enhancing our performing arts spaces. 

The current upgrade is not focused on enrollment expansion. This project represents a different type of expansion—the expansion of possibilities. Our students and educators are excited about having purpose-built spaces that create endless possibilities for engaging learning experiences: better natural light, more classroom and play space, and upgraded library, dining, tech, and athletic facilities. And, all done with a commitment to the highest levels of environmental sustainability.

As we kick this project off, safety and the mitigation of disruption are top priorities. Our facilities team along with our contractor have been thoughtful about noise, dust, traffic, and security measures.  As a result, construction activities are carefully separated and cordoned off from school activities.

One example of this is the type of hoarding or fencing that we have chosen to use. This particular type of hoarding is insulated in a way that makes it both a physical barrier as well as a sound barrier to limit the amount of noise that leaves the site. This is something we will continue to monitor throughout the duration of the project. 

We will continue to update you about this project across a variety of channels including, eNews, our SAS Reimagined website, our social media (Facebook and Instagram), and recurring meetings like parent coffees.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our associate director of parent engagement, Julia Harrison (

We are looking forward to welcoming our young builders and their classmates to an extraordinary new building!


Tom Boasberg