“My daughter and I were in the back of a Grab car one time and we were talking about her Chinese homework. The driver spoke up and encouraged her to listen to my suggestions. The next thing I know, she is chatting away with him in Mandarin, making jokes and making him laugh! As we got out of the car the driver said he was very impressed, and so was I! ”


“We enrolled our daughter as a kindergartner in the immersion program during its very first year and we have seen her confidence soar since that time. Her ability to process information, learn and articulate in a language in which she has no support outside the classroom has been great to watch. The program has evolved with every passing year and she has learned more with every passing year. Our hope, going into the program, was for her to learn to read, write, and converse in Mandarin, grow her confidence in dealing with the unknown, make good friends, and most importantly, love the experience. 


The program has delivered on that!”


(Manaswi Jhala, SAS parent)
(Manaswi Jhala, SAS家长)

Dear Parents,


We are excited to announce that next school year we will expand our Chinese immersion program to include students in our early learning center. 


Chinese immersion is a highly successful program that promotes strong bilingual opportunities in English and Chinese for our students. We intend to open two classes with the same learning community structure that currently operates in the early learning center. Learning communities in the ELC function with two teachers, two instructional assistants, and up to 32 students.  

中文沉浸式是一个非常成功的项目,它为我们的学生提供了强大的中英双语机会。我们打算开设两个学习社区,其学习社区结构与目前早教中心的学习社区结构相同: 学习社区将有两名教师、两名教学助理、与最多32名学生。

The SAS early learning center is inspired by the early childhood educational philosophy of Reggio Emilia, Italy. We will be offering this approach in a full Chinese language immersive setting. This will be a unique opportunity for our youngest learners to begin their language development skills at a very formative time in their lives and benefit from all the advantages of Reggio’s emphasis on developing capable and competent learners, curious about the world around them. 


Our Chinese immersion program was launched in 2017-18 and has expanded significantly since that time. We have seen interest in our kindergarten immersion classes grow each year and there is now a waitlist to enroll. We believe our program has successfully matured to a point where we can confidently offer this new opportunity. The opportunity to begin Chinese immersion at the ELC will strengthen our learners’ growth as they progress to kindergarten.  


Outlined below is the progressive model we use in our Chinese immersion program to develop strong bilingual learners:



Our early learning center deputy principal, Jo McIlroy, and world language director, Hui Xu will reach out to current families in the coming weeks to share more information about the program. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please click here to share your interest.

我们的早教中心副校长Jo McIlroy,和世界语言总监徐朝晖,将在未来几周内与现有家庭联系,分享有关该计划的更多信息。如果您有兴趣了解有关此计划的更多信息,请点击此处分享您的兴趣。

The elementary school’s Chinese immersion program represents only the beginning of what is possible for our students as they develop their bilingualism, biliteracy, and socio-cultural competence. Their growth continues in both middle school and high school with some of the opportunities listed below:


Middle School


  • Competency to thrive in core subjects taught in English


  • Higher level Chinese courses available including Near Native


  • Possible options may include choice of Chinese advisory and elective class in Chinese


  • Chinese language extracurricular activities


High School 



  • Seal of Biliteracy for students who have attained required language proficiency in English and one more language by high school graduation


  • Chinese Honor Society


  • Several service clubs focus on China with travel and language use possibilities that offer experiential learning opportunities and extend learning beyond classrooms.


Click here to learn more about our Chinese immersion program. If you have any questions about our world language program, please contact our world language director, Hui Xu (hxu@sas.edu.sg)

点击此处了解有关我们的中文沉浸式课程的更多信息。如果您对我们的世界语言课程有任何问题,请联系我们的世界语言总监徐朝晖 (hxu@sas.edu.sg)


Tom Boasberg