Dear Parents,

Last Monday we came together for our SAS Annual General Meeting. We kicked off the evening hearing from two of our seniors, Veronica Lee and Connor Marshall, about the impact SAS has had on them. They spoke about the great faculty they have worked with, the diverse possibilities they have enjoyed, and about how SAS has helped them set their own learning journeys. You can view their speeches here.  Must-see TV!

That same energy and enthusiasm permeated our campus last Friday as we held our second season Friday Night Lights event. This event brings together our entire community to enjoy good food, fun activities, competitive sports, and time with friends and family.

Events like this only happen through lots of work behind the scenes. I want to extend a huge thank you to our Booster Club for taking the lead on the event and collaborating with numerous clubs and departments throughout our school. I also want to offer a special thanks to our high school Eagle Council, whose leaders I had the chance to have lunch with last week.  

The Eagle Council is a dedicated group of high school students who do tremendous work to bring events like this to life. They support all of the major activities and athletics events in the high school, coordinate logistics for exchange and IASAS events, and help promote school spirit across campus. Along with others, this year they have helped breathe new life into our mascot as well, so the next time you see Eddie the Eagle around campus, give him a high-five and grab a selfie. 

I admire our students in groups like our theater tech crew and Eagle Council who work tirelessly behind the scenes to create amazing experiences for others. Thank you for the fun and joy you bring us and the community you help build!


Tom Boasberg