Dear Parents,

I want first to thank all of our educators who worked so hard to create engaging learning experiences for our students during our distance learning week. And, thank you to all our parents for your support.  We will be back at it on Monday and several weeks to come!

We have learned a lot during these distance learning sessions, including:

  • When conducting distance learning, it’s important to allow time for parents and students to adjust to the format. You cannot immediately conduct the same type of learning you did in the classroom on the first day of distance learning.

  • Planning and delivering distance lessons is a different skill set for everyone. It’s been great for our students to see their teachers as learners and collaborators as we embark on this journey. 

  • Creating opportunities for positive social interactions during distance learning is not easy but is essential for our kids.  

While all of us prefer being with our kids in person, distance learning has taught our students and teachers new skills and approaches. A key part of learning is to confront new challenges and work together to innovate and solve those challenges.  We have had and will have many opportunities to do just that!

As we shared in our letter earlier, we will continue our distance learning sessions on Monday and will continue until Singapore schools reopen. Please keep an eye on your inbox for further information from your division principals.

Thank you for your continued support.



Tom Boasberg