We recently held our first two design advisory group sessions. It was great to see so many parents, students, and faculty participate in these sessions. The groups focused on the dining and school community experiences in the elementary school and high school, and the discussions were fun and filled with lots of great ideas. Specifically, the groups spent time talking about the flow, activities, features, and ambience of their dining spaces.

As a reminder, we have two design advisory groups; an elementary group and a high school group. These generative groups have been formed to support the design process and collect insights and ideas from the community. The meetings are open to the public and the information generated during the meetings is linked below. 

Each voice matters and the sessions benefited greatly from the diverse viewpoints in the (Zoom) room. Thank you for contributing. We are excited to continue these sessions when we return in the fall.


Elementary School Design Advisory Group Meeting

High School Design Advisory Group Meeting