To highlight the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion at SAS, the SAS Board of Directors this week approved a schoolwide DEI Commitment Statement.  The DEI Commitment Statement articulates the school’s values around diversity, equity, and inclusion and provides a clear direction for our work going forward. The statement says:

As a school, the diversity of our community is one of our greatest strengths. That diversity offers extraordinary learning opportunities for our students as well as opportunities to build lasting friendships and relationships across cultures, nationalities, and other aspects of identity. For our diversity to reach its full potential as a strength, it is important that our commitment to equity and inclusion for all members of our community be as strong as it is to diversity. Every student at SAS should feel valued, cared for, and included. Differences in culture, background, ability, identity, and perspective should be respected and celebrated; SAS has no place for racism or any other type of discrimination. It is only by creating a positive climate and inclusive culture that we will meet our vision to cultivate exceptional thinkers who are prepared for the future.

At its retreat in August of this past year, the Board committed to drafting the DEI Commitment Statement in light of the importance of DEI to our school and the high level of interest in our community. Over several months a task force of Board members, students, alumni, teachers, and parents collaborated on the statement. They looked at best practices internationally and in the US and discussed what is most important for us here at SAS.  We are grateful for their work and the welcoming, positive and clear statement that they drafted together.  

In our SAS2027 Strategic Plan that the Board also adopted this week, work around DEI is one of the key priorities identified for the coming years. Our work going forward in this area will be guided by the Commitment Statement as we strive to create a positive and inclusive environment for our community. We look forward to engaging with the community in this work and hearing more of your feedback.  For so many of us, the school’s extraordinary diversity and its commitment to equity and inclusion is one of the central reasons we are here as parents, students, and educators.  We are looking forward to continuing on that journey with you. Click here to view our DEI web page.