Dear Parents,

With the beginning of school just around the corner, I want to update you on the start of school under the current Phase 2 COVID-19 requirements set forth by the Singapore Government. 

The health and safety of our community remains our top priority. Together, we have navigated a number of significant changes over the last 18 months and I am grateful for the role that you, your children, and our educators have played in keeping our campus safe and in helping us create meaningful experiences for our students along the way.

As we kick off the school year, we will continue to observe all of the health and safety measures set out by the Singapore Government. The current Phase Two heightened alert measures will be in place until August 18. We are hopeful that the restrictions will ease after that time.

In many ways, the current guidelines are familiar to our students. I know that no one is thrilled to have to operate under these restrictions, but the good news is that they are not new and we have successfully navigated these restrictions in the past.  Some key points to note under these Phase 2 restrictions:

  • Students will be placed in groups no larger than two.

  • No after-school activities or athletics are allowed in the current phase.

  • Our cafeterias will be open beginning on the first day of school. Outlined below is our dining plan for each division:

    • In elementary school, parents will need to pre-order their child’s meal if they would like their child to eat school lunch. Fourth and fifth grade students will eat in the fourth to eighth grade cafeteria. Kindergarten to third grade students will use the K-3 cafeteria and their classrooms on a rotating basis.

    • In middle school, students will eat in the cafeteria and parents will need to pre-order their child’s meal if they would like their child to eat school lunch.

    • In high school, students may use SASCards, credit cards, NETS, or cash to purchase lunch in the cafeteria during their assigned lunch block. High school students will eat in their classrooms for the first two days of school and will then begin a rotation where they will be able to eat in designated areas across campus.

For now, please remember the following as you send your child to school:

  • All students must wear their masks properly (unless eating). Please send your child with an extra mask.

  • Please ensure your child brings their TraceTogether token AND that their token’s battery is still functioning. If the battery is dead, please get them a new token.

  • Please do not send your child to school if they have any flu-like symptoms or a temperature at or above 37.6C/99.7F.

  • Our arrival and dismissal plan is the same as last year. Click here to learn more about these processes.

  • At this time, parents may come to campus by appointment only unless you are dropping off or picking your child.

At this time, we currently have three educators who are on stay-home notice because they were in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. They continue to test negative and we look forward to their return to campus when they have completed all of the necessary safety measures issued by the Singapore Government. We will continue to update you regarding these occurrences if they happen in the future.

I want to emphasize the importance of eligible children (those aged 12 and above) receiving their COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccine plays a critical role in reducing infections, limiting transmission to others, and helping keep you from getting seriously ill if you do become infected. As the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasizes: the vaccines are safe and they are effective. They protect not just the persons vaccinated but those around them.  Going forward, the Singapore Government has noted they are likely to have a different set of restrictions and opportunities for community members, including students, based on whether they have been vaccinated. 

Finally, we know your calendars are filling up and there are many things to do to prepare for the school year. Please click here to see the schedule for welcome week and the first week of school. 

We look forward to welcoming your children back to school. 


Tom Boasberg