Dear Parents,

As communities around the world grapple with Coronavirus, our hearts and prayers go out that a cure may be found soon and that the most severely affected communities like Wuhan will be able to care and provide for those who are ill. We are grateful that those in Singapore who have been diagnosed with the virus are generally in good condition, and we are grateful for the health of our community at SAS.

The relatives of our employee who contracted the virus are recovering well. Our employee is doing fine with no symptoms, and today is the 15th day since he has been at school.  We continue to think of him and his family.  

In a challenging week where we told our high school students that we would not be moving forward with Interim Semester this week and where we made many changes to abide by the Singapore Ministry of Education’s directives around large scale and community activities, I am grateful for how our community has pulled together.  Later today, we will be sending a separate letter that details our contingency planning for students in case the situation worsens and we need to close school. 

I especially want to recognize and extend our gratitude as a community to some of the devoted staff at SAS who have implemented additional measures to ensure our community stays healthy and safe. 

Our nurses, with the help of the three additional nurses we hired two weeks ago, have been conducting countless temperature and health screenings and working directly with our students and faculty to ensure they receive support and care.

Our security team has worked diligently to screen all visitors to campus to ensure they are following our restrictions on entry, including those on individuals who have traveled recently to mainland China. 

Our housekeeping staff has increased their cleaning efforts to ensure that high touch-point areas like door handles are continually being wiped down and disinfected.

And, our facility team has worked to create additional outdoor gathering spaces for students to allow them to play in less crowded environments. 

If you bump into any of these folks while you are on campus I encourage you to stop for a moment and extend your gratitude and thanks for their efforts over these past several weeks. These individuals are incredible examples of offering extraordinary care.



Tom Boasberg