Dear Parents,

We have now finished our first month back on campus. As I talk with family and colleagues in the US and internationally and as I visit our classrooms, arts spaces, and athletic facilities, I am extraordinarily grateful for the opportunities we have here at SAS this fall. I am grateful to our educators for creating those opportunities through their hard work and dedication. And, I appreciate our students for their resilience, optimism and the way they have seized those opportunities. Thank you!

With everything that I am grateful for, I certainly recognize that this has been an extraordinarily challenging first month. All of us—from teachers to instructional assistants to school leaders to nursing staff—are working longer hours and working harder to meet these challenges. I know that is also true for all of you as parents and for your children.  

To provide extra help to meet these challenges, we have already hired over 20 additional full-time positions this year -- from IA’s to nurses to teachers.  In addition, we have hired over 50 new part-time positions, including playground assistants, study hall supervisors, co-curricular assistants, and traffic wardens. They are helping support our students and our teachers meet the greatly increased health and safety responsibilities that we all face in the midst of the pandemic.  

In this time of change and challenge, it is very heartening to see so many of our students embodying our core values in their interactions with one another. 

Our shared core values—responsibility, respect, fairness, compassion, and honesty are the foundation of all the work we do with our students. We see them in our advisory periods as our teachers take time to work with our students in small groups. We see them in our small recess groups as students build new friendships. And, they were on full display at our recent student service club assembly in the high school when our student leaders from our 60 service clubs reached out to their classmates and encouraged them to join in their student-led service activities. 

As parents, all of us emphasize the importance of character to our children, and we know it is equally important for us to do so as a school. Thank you for all the work you do at home, and my hope is that our focus on character growth at school will complement that work.  By living these core values through small, daily acts our students can help strengthen themselves and our community as a whole.

Have a good weekend and hope you get some time to rest and recharge as families. 



Tom Boasberg