Dear Parents,

On November 22 at 7:30 p.m. we will host our annual general meeting via Zoom. This meeting is a great opportunity to hear from our students and school leaders about the learning that happens each day on our campus. Click here to see the agenda for the evening.

The annual general meeting is one of the many opportunities parents have to connect with our school. We also invite you to join us for our monthly parent coffees at each division, SAS Reimagined design advisory groups, and our current curriculum review processes (in which we are having a series of meetings about our social studies and math programs). You can find these invitations as they become available in our weekly eNews.

We greatly value these opportunities to connect with parents. They give us the opportunity both to hear your diverse perspectives and questions and to share our thinking on key topics that impact your children. As parents, you are our most important partners, and we want to maintain and strengthen that partnership.  

Earlier this semester, I hosted our annual “Conversations with the Superintendent” dialogues in which hundreds of parents participated. We held eight events tailored to each of our divisions and conducted sessions in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese to ensure more members of our community had an opportunity to participate. In these sessions, we talked about teaching and learning, social-emotional wellness, and the possibilities our SAS Reimagined (campus upgrade) project will bring to our community. I very much enjoyed connecting with each of you who attended these sessions and shared your thoughts. 

We captured several data points across each of these sessions: 

  • 87% of participants found the sessions worthwhile

  • 86% of participants said they could see how their own child would be impacted by strengthening the teaching and learning at SAS

  • 82% of participants said they could see how their child would benefit from the school’s focus on wellness

In these conversations, one topic became a common theme across all of our sessions—student wellness. I am grateful for the questions and comments raised and for the personal stories shared. At the start of this year, we reaffirmed our commitment as a school to the social-emotional wellness of all of our community members. These conversations helped lead us to our plan to extend winter break to allow many of our educators, students and parents to travel and re-connect with loved ones during the winter break. We will continue to look for additional ways to support our students in their social-emotional wellness.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for these sessions. We encourage you to join us for the upcoming annual general meeting to hear more from our students and school leaders. 



Tom Boasberg