Dear Parents,

I am writing to encourage you to respond to this year’s annual parent survey. We very much want to hear your voices and feedback. Click here to begin the survey. The survey is completely anonymous and should take roughly 10-15 minutes. The survey will close on Monday, May 10. Once the survey is closed, we will analyze the data and will share a report with the community in eNews toward the end of May.

I have been very grateful for the feedback and ideas that you have shared with me during my listening tour last year and strategic plan sessions with parents this year. They have very much helped shape our thinking—both in terms of our long-term plans as well as present-day strengths and areas of growth.  

As a leadership team, we will look carefully at the data—both quantitative and qualitative—from the parent survey, and we will share with you both the data and some of our key takeaways later in May.  

Thank you for taking time to help us grow as an organization. Your voice plays an important part in deepening our understanding of our school and community.



Tom Boasberg