Dear SAS Parents,

We all know that middle school is a time of change for our kids. It is a time of exploration and discovery, a time in their lives when they are growing and changing -- emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially -- at a pace that often seems very fast to those around them and to our kids themselves.  

At SAS, we want to channel all the energy and passion for discovery our kids have in ways that help them learn and grow in this time of change. That is the purpose of our highly regarded Classes Without Walls program that all of our middle schoolers engaged in last week. For a whole week in CWW, our middle schoolers learn outside the classroom. They learn about the environment and communities in which we live, and equally important they learn about themselves.  

It is a great chance for us to engage them across all of the areas --- from physical to intellectual to social to emotional --  in which they are so rapidly changing. 

Our sixth grade students hiked across Pulau Ubin, seventh grade students ventured to Bintan, and eighth grade students explored Telunas. Students engaged in a wide range of activities including; building rafts, navigating a sensory trail, service work in a local Indonesian village, hiking to local waterfalls, scavenger hunts, and team-building activities. Highlights included building a paved walkway for the villagers of Sugie village and weaving table mats with local villagers. 

These types of experiences are positive growth opportunities for students at this age. We want them to be challenged, to step outside their comfort zone, and to learn to look for opportunities to serve. A key part of this is building strong bonds and connections among our students and between our students and teachers.  In talking to our kids, this chance to build relationships and to work in collaborative teams was one of the aspects they most enjoyed about the week away. 

We know, in short, that programs like Classrooms Without Walls help build for our students a foundation of experiences that will prepare them to enjoy successful futures long after they have finished their time at school. 

A huge shoutout and thanks to our middle school team for all they do to build and lead Classroom Without Walls. And, to our students, welcome back!

Click here to see more photos of Classroom Without Walls.


Tom Boasberg