Dear SAS Parents,

Last week we outlined plans for a listening tour that will provide the opportunity for me to connect with students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni over the coming semester. I look forward to meeting you and encourage you to come join us at one of the events. Click here to find a session to join.

This week, I want to share with you our next steps to engage with our community around the possibility of a major campus upgrade. We welcome your voice and your participation in this engagement process.  

Community Engagement

In order to share information and to hear ideas and feedback from our community, we have established a 35-member campus upgrade advisory group. The advisory group includes 35 individuals (15 faculty, 15 parents, and five students) who will meet seven times over the course of the fall. All sessions are open to all members of our community and we welcome you to attend. Click here for the schedule and topics of the sessions. We will focus on:

  • Is an upgrade needed?

  • What are the goals and would the benefits be?

  • What would it cost and can we afford it?

  • What would the impact be on my child?

The charge of the advisory group is to dig deeper into the pros, cons, and tradeoffs involved with potential approaches and provide us with their advice and feedback. At the conclusion of their set of meetings, they will share their considerations/recommendations with me, which I will use in helping guide my recommendations to the school board. Given its role in approving all major expenditures, the board has the responsibility to make the final decision on the project and is currently seeking to do so by the end of the calendar year. 

Please note if you are unable to attend, we will be posting all materials/information on our website, as well as summarizing the discussions/viewpoints at each of the meetings. Please click here for our campus upgrade microsite where those materials will be shared. The site also provides an opportunity for you to provide us with your thoughts electronically. 

The Work We Have Done

The community engagement work this fall builds on the engagement work this past spring and all the thoughtful planning and design work that our educators have helped lead. A key part of this is the design principles that our educators have agreed upon and which will serve as the guiding foundation of any future plans. 

These design principles stem from the comprehensive R&D process SAS has been engaged in. For those of you newbies like myself, check out this article published last year that provides more context to the R&D process the school conducted. 

Thank you and hope to see you at one or more of the advisory group sessions. 


Tom Boasberg