Dear Faculty and Staff,

I hope you are all doing well! I want to take a moment to update you on opportunities for further input on the design of our campus upgrade, as well the status of the campus upgrade plan that was unanimously approved earlier this semester by the school board.

We continue to welcome input as we move forward with our design process. Note that our focus is now on the design; construction is not slated to begin until next year. Last week we reached out to community members who have expressed interest in participating in our design advisory sessions. These generative groups have been formed to support the design process and collect insights and ideas from the community. We created the elementary school and high school groups first because those two divisions are scheduled to undergo construction first. The groups consist of four students, eight parents, and four faculty members. They will meet twice before the end of the school year to receive an orientation to the project and the type of work the advisory groups will engage in. 

Similar to the advisory group meetings we held last fall, each meeting will be open to the public, and the content of the meeting will be shared openly on our campus upgrade website. The first session for the high school group will be May 22 from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. The first design advisory group meeting for elementary school will be held on May 27 from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Click here to share your interest in participating in these advisory group sessions. We welcome your participation. 

As noted above, we are currently in our design phase. The only construction we anticipate doing this year is on the new temporary fields immediately to the west of school grounds. We are happy to convey that we have received all permits for these new fields (including a regulation-size soccer pitch, a multi-purpose/softball field, and tennis courts). As soon as the circuit breaker lifts, we anticipate this construction beginning. Note that this construction is not on our campus grounds. When finished, we will connect our campus with these new fields. We are excited to be able to move forward and provide this additional field space.

We know a number of you have questions about how the COVID-19 situation might affect the campus upgrade. We are monitoring this closely. We are not planning to sign our first major construction contracts until the end of the calendar year. We are mindful of our budgets, and will be looking carefully at the prices that contractors will bid in making any decisions on going forward. 

In addition, we are mindful of the current economic and public health challenges posed by COVID and the risks of an extended downturn. Thanks to our capital reserves, which have been and continue to be funded by our parents’ annual Facilities Fee, we certainly continue to have the financial capability to afford the project. We have also modeled several economic downside scenarios to test the affordability of the project should circumstances worsen. We will want to take all factors into account in evaluating these decisions at the end of year.  

If you have any questions or are interested in reviewing the work completed, please visit our campus upgrade website.

In addition, please note that the government’s current construction regulations will limit the amount of standard “summer works” projects we will be able to complete this summer. Each year we complete dozens of renovation/upgrade projects around campus to prepare for the coming school year. This year we will only be able to complete projects with a direct impact on safety.

We remain excited about the possibilities the campus upgrade project will create for our community. Now that we have spent several weeks away from campus, I believe many of us have an even greater appreciation for the role that a great learning environment plays in a child’s learning! Like many of you, I am excited for the day we can reunite all of these pieces to provide our students the best possible learning experiences.

Thank you for your continued support.



Tom Boasberg