Dear Parents,
We wanted to follow up with you on the email we sent last week regarding the bus accident involving one of our students.

I had the chance to visit her before she left the hospital this week, and it was very moving to see her courage and remarkable resiliency of spirit. All of our hearts and prayers continue to go out to her and her family and we wish her a speedy recovery.  

As I wrote last week, we were deeply saddened by the accident, and are particularly concerned by the fact it was the second time in the last two years that one of our students has been struck by a vehicle after disembarking from one of the buses. 

It is vital that we focus on the necessary next steps to ensure that a similar incident does not happen again. To do so, we are first looking carefully at what happened in this incident and our goal is to make public the results of that review next week. 

Equally important, we are looking at what changes or next steps we need to take with regard to ensuring student safety on our buses moving forward. An immediate step we took this week was to ensure that all crossings for students that are not on major roads with crosswalks are assisted by the bus monitor acting as a traffic warden, which was a step we had committed to last year but that was neglected in this recent incident.

Our goal is to do a comprehensive review of student safety on buses. We have asked Kim Criens, who is our director of student life and co-curricular programs and chair of the school's safety committee, to lead that review for us.  We welcome parents who would like to be involved in that review to share their thoughts. If you would like to sit on a focus group led by Mr. Criens, please email him directly at Alternatively, please email him your thoughts or suggestions you have on our bus safety procedures. We will share publicly the recommendations that come out of that review.  

In addition, if you have specific questions or concerns about safety on your route or specific concerns about a particular incident involving your child please contact Anthony Wong at Mr. Wong is our director of facilities and is in charge of our safety and transportation teams. We want to make sure we are aware of any safety issues and are following up on them quickly with our transport provider, Yeap Transport. 


Tom Boasberg