Dear SAS Parents,

Earlier this week Tom Boasberg shared a note about the change to our board election candidate forums. After further discussion and testing, the school board governance committee has decided to schedule two virtual forums for April 15 and April 19.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the nine candidates interested in serving on the board. If you are not able to watch, please take the time to get to know the candidates through the board election webpage. The first forum will be recorded on April 15 and shared the next day. It will focus on allowing the candidates to introduce themselves, share their personal and professional experiences, and discuss why they wish to serve on the Board. The following week on April 19, the forum will focus more on their hopes and goals for the long-term future of the school in their roles as potential Board members. 

The forums will be moderated by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei, CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Lei has no affiliation with Singapore American School nor any member of the SAS Board of Directors. If you have a question about the future of the school that you would like to pose to the nine board candidates, please submit it here. Dr. Lei will review all of the questions submitted through the link provided and then select the questions to be posed to the candidates in the forums, along with questions provided by the Governance Committee. Due to constraints of time and the large number of candidates, please understand that it will be possible to address only a limited number of the questions submitted. Dr. Lei will select the most relevant and thought-provoking questions.  

As we are now in the election period, we would like to remind everyone of the Board Election Rules and Procedures that were established to ensure a smooth and positive election experience for our community. Candidates are free to campaign and share their views. We are providing multiple platforms, including the Board website and candidate forums for them to do so. Candidates and their supporters may not use other school resources for campaign purposes, such school email or whatsapp lists. It is important that all parents, staff and faculty abide by the rules in the Board Election Rules and Procedures as well as the values in the SAS Statement of Community.

Election voting is facilitated through an external third party secure electronic voting system, Simply Voting. Simply Voting has no affiliation with Singapore American School nor any member of the SAS Board of Directors. Voting is 100 percent confidential and anonymous. Every community member who has an email on file with Veracross as of April 3, 2020 will receive an electronic ballot on April 24. 

To provide oversight of the Board election process the Board has appointed a senior member of the Singapore Legal and Governance Community, Mr Adrian Chan, as a volunteer to the Election Task Force. Mr Chan has no affiliation with Singapore American School nor any member of the SAS Board of Directors. Mr Chan will review any complaints submitted in relation to the election process.

Any questions or comments related to the board election should be directed to the Election Task Force at



SAS Board Governance Committee