2020 Strategic Plan

Vision and Mission


A World Leader in Education,
Cultivating Exceptional Thinkers,
Prepared for the Future


Singapore American School is committed to providing each student an exemplary American educational experience with an international perspective.

2020 Strategic Plan: The Five Priorities

Professional Learning Communities

  • PLCs focus on learning
  • PLCs are committed to continuous improvement by collectively consult on results
  • PLCs collectively answer the four PLC questions and apply those answers to their individual contexts
  • Structures exist and are utilized to support intervention and extension
  • Structures exist and are utilized to support effective PLC collaboration

Standards-Based Approach

  • Assessments target essential learning outcomes at macro (unit) and micro (learning progression) levels
  • Evidence of student learning is gathered for each DSLO
  • Assessments are valid, reliable, and fair
  • Evaluation (grading) and reporting of student learning are standards-based
  • Structures exist and are utilized to support a standards-based approach

High Impact Instructional Practices

  • High impact practices are used to explicitly teach the DSLOs
  • Students regularly engage in inquiry to deepen learning
  • Students engage in experiential learning opportunities, including service learning
  • Practices and programs allow for personalization of learning
  • Structures exist and are utilized to support high impact instructional practices

Pastoral Care

  • A culture of extraordinary care that supports students exists
  • Socio-emotional programs exist to help students develop social and emotional wellness
  • Advisory programs exist to ensure every student is known, advocated, and cared for
  • Students are supported through major transitions (new to SAS; exiting SAS; between divisions)
  • Structures exist and are utilized to support pastoral care

Systems Supporting Learning

With service excellence as a lens, preschool to grade 12 departments collaborate to create and improve effective integrated schoolwide systems to ensure adults have the capacity to support student learning

Core Values


The traditional education system, built on the foundation that academic content knowledge is king, is no longer adequate to prepare our children for the 21st century workforce. There is a sense of urgency for change, but figuring out what to change, and helping change the mindsets of educators, parents, and children themselves hasn't been easy.

The documentary Changing Education From The Inside Out captures the authentic Singapore American School story, including personal reflections and in-the-moment struggles of faculty and leadership over the past four years. The film provides a picture of how SAS is taking on transforming an existing successful school to better serve students well into the future. The process was designed to challenge deeply held assumptions, engage faculty, shape culture, and included thousands of hours of research and visitations to over 100 schools worldwide. Over 100 college admissions officers were interviewed, internationally known educational leaders were consulted, and a strategic plan is now in place reflecting what has been learned.

Changing Education From The Inside Out takes us on the journey with the educators from Singapore American School, showcasing the motivations, extensive research, and challenges to transforming the education system--breaking frontiers and raising the bar.

A solid foundation for the future


The emphasis at SAS is both on academic and extracurricular activities, at a pace that is tailored for the students, within a culture that promotes possibilities. The open communication with the teachers, easy access to the support of the counselors backed by the vision of the administration and programs offered, has allowed our boys to flourish in an environment that fosters making choices to match their interests.

All this provides a solid foundation for the future and we are very proud to see how both our boys are developing into well rounded caring individuals.

Ritu Kapoor, SAS PARENT