SAS2027: Singapore American School Strategic Plan

Who we are, what we do, how we do it, and how we measure success can all be found in this strategic plan.

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We start with our shared core values that make up our "Eagle Way." These core values are the foundation of all that we build. Building on those core values, we outline our three areas of strategic focus: excellence, extraordinary care, and possibilities. Through these areas of strategic focus, we aim to develop in all of our students our seven learning aspirations. These learning aspirations represent the key skills and attributes our students need to succeed in their colleges and careers—to become, as our school vision lays out, exceptional thinkers prepared for the future. At the top is our commitment to help every student find joy and purpose in their learning. That sense of joy and purpose in learning is critical for our students to become the kind of lifelong learners they will need to be to face the rapidly evolving world they will graduate into. 


Cultivating Exceptional Thinkers Prepared for the Future

Our vision at SAS explains why we exist. We aspire to be a world leader in education, cultivating exceptional thinkers, prepared for the future.  We are committed to our mission that has been at the heart of our 65-year history: to provide each student an exemplary American educational experience with an international perspective. 

The pages below highlight the various elements of our strategic framework, our process for developing the plan, and how we will measure success.


Measuring Success

With this new strategic framework, we will build on the key improvements of the last strategic plan. We are proud of where we have come from, and look forward to the work ahead of us. Our commitment to excellence, extraordinary care, and possibilities means that in six years time, we will see a school in which:

Every student is learning at high levels

Our learning aspirations are at the center of teaching and learning in every classroom

Every student is known and cared for through our social emotional programs and supports

Our diverse community promotes equity and inclusion for all students and educators


We have a best-in-class teacher leadership model in which we attract and develop talented educators through our coaching, feedback and leadership opportunities

There are state-of-the-art learning environments, co-curricular opportunities, and community spaces in our upgraded, sustainable campus

We find joy and purpose in learning every day across the campus