The SAS School Board

The Singapore American School (“SAS") is established pursuant to the Singapore Companies Act as a non-profit legal entity, founded in 1956. The Board of Directors (“Board”) of SAS is a volunteer body whose role is to: 

  • adopt and uphold SAS’s mission, vision and strategic direction and establish policies and plans that reinforce them; 
  • ensure the long-term viability and financial stability of SAS; 
  • hire, support and evaluate the Superintendent; and 
  • ensure that SAS maintains compliance with the law and high ethical standards. 

The Superintendent and administrative team are responsible for managing the daily operations of the school. The Board acts as a fiduciary for the school to ensure its financial health, governance oversight, and strategic direction into the future. Decisions are made by the Board as a whole. Board members are prohibited from using their membership on the board to advocate with SAS on behalf of themselves, individual members of the community, constituencies within the community, or other entities from outside the community. Board members must sign annually to adhere to strict confidentiality, code of conduct and conflict of interest standards. Board members are trained both through on-boarding and through ongoing education throughout the duration of their position. The Board's governance is guided by the principles set forth in the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) International Trustee Handbook.

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Governance Documents

Governance procedures and policies may be found in the following governing documents:

Board Committees

The Board operates through the following committees:

Board Committees Members

Facilities Committee:

The Facilities Committee shall be responsible, at policy and planning levels, for the construction, maintenance, and security of the School’s physical assets and for the security of faculty, staff, and students and shall develop a long-range master plan for space use and stewardship of physical assets and resources. Click here to view the committee's goals.

Samba Natarajan (Chair), Zain Fancy, Georgina Bach, Tina King, Aaron Kim, Brian Rogove, Jin Teik Oon

Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee shall work with the Administration to prepare the annual operating and capital budgets and a long-range financial plan; monitor all financial activities in greater detail than the Board as a whole; develop financial policies; and bring all such items to the Board for approval, along with regular financial reports for the Board’s information. The Finance Committee shall also oversee the Investment Advisory Committee. Click here to view the committee's goals.

Roy Diao (Chair), Tina King, Tom Wu, Tanuj Dutt, Nimeesha Takalkar, Jeremy Brest

Governance Committee:

The Governance Committee shall work to ensure that the Board composition reflects the strategic expertise, resources, and perspectives needed to achieve the mission and strategic objectives of the School. The committee shall ensure that the governance system and processes align with the School’s strategic objectives and direction. The Committee shall also assist the Board in the Superintendent’s annual performance assessment and shall conduct an annual review of the Board’s performance. The Governance Committee shall also oversee the Process Review Committee. Click here to view the committee's goals.

Arpana Vidyarthi (Chair), Georgina Bach, Laura Entwistle, Tamera Fillinger, Camille Dawson, Aisha Oravec, Mark Tan, Dwight Hutchins

Investment Advisory Committee

The Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) is a subcommittee of the Finance Committee. The IAC shall invest and monitor the School’s investments, reserves, and endowments and ensure that they are managed in accordance with relevant Board policies and the School’s strategic objectives.

Tanuj Dutt (Chair), Tina King, Shiv Puri, Anu Sahai, Garth Bregman, Paul Bernard, Catherine Poyen

Process Review Committee

The Process Review Committee, a sub-committee of the Governance Committee, shall be responsible for identifying and recommending, upon consultation with the Superintendent, areas of the School’s operations and finances appropriate for an internal audit during the course of each school year. 

Brent Smith (Chair), Ashok Lalwani, Yosh Nakahara, Tamera Fillinger

The board also convenes ad-hoc committees and task forces to support the school. Such committees include the Community Engagement Task Force and the Election Task Force. Click here for a list of committee members.

Board Meetings





Board Retreat August 18–19, 2018 Off-site Full day
Board Meeting September 17, 2018 TBD 6:00 p.m.
Board Meeting October 29, 2018 TBD 5:30 p.m.
Annual General Meeting (AGM)* October 29, 2018 TBD 7:30 p.m.
Board Meeting November 19, 2018 TBD 6:00 p.m.
Board Meeting January 28, 2019 TBD 5:30 p.m.
Budget Presentation* January 28, 2019 TBD 7:30 p.m.
Board Meeting March 11, 2019 TBD 6:00 p.m.
Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)* April 22, 2019 TBD 6:00 p.m.
Board Meeting April 29, 2018 TBD 6:00 p.m.

*AGM, Budget Presentation, and Election EGM are public meetings to which all are encouraged and invited to attend.

Summary minutes will be posted for all board meetings. Committee chairs will report committee activity at each board meeting and when minutes are kept, will be included with the board minutes document.

Budget Information

The SAS Board of Governors, in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities, views the development and approval of the annual budget as one of its most important duties. The budget process begins early in the school year and culminates in late February in an open meeting at which the administration presents its proposed budget and schedule of fees. The board then considers community input before a final review and adoption of the budget in early March.

Note: If you would like more details about the budget information, please log in to the MySAS Portal and go to the School Board section. This portal is only available to the SAS community.

School Membership

Are you a member of the Singapore American School Limited?

The Singapore American School Limited is the legal entity under which the Singapore American School (SAS) operates. Members participate in the governance of SAS by voting at Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings and by voting for candidates standing for election to the board. Application for parent membership to the school has been a part of the standard application for admission since 2001. All parents, legal guardians, staff and faculty are members. There is no fee for membership. If you are unsure of whether or not you are a member, please call board secretary, Ann Tan, at +65 6360 6315 or email for assistance.

Contact the Board

If you would like to contact the board or are interested in volunteering for one of our committees or task forces, please contact