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Singapore American School Limited ("School"), established pursuant to relevant Singapore law, is the legal entity under which the Singapore American School ("SAS") operates. Members of the school participate in the governance of the school by electing 12 fellow trust members to the board, which is responsible for the strategic oversight of SAS. The procedures of governance and the powers delegated to the board may be found in the following documents, by clicking on the pertinent links.

Policy Statements

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Meet the Board

Board Committees


Facilities and Finance

Tina King (Chair), Paul Bernard, Roy Diao, Samba Natarajan, Cynthia Sung, Anita Tan-Langlois, Astrid Tuminez


Tamera Fillinger (Chair), Ehab Abou-Oaf, Laura Entwistle, Ilian Mihov, Kevin Meehan, Catherine Poyen-Zemans, Arpana Vidyarthi

Investment Advisory

Roy Diao (Chair), Paul Bernard, Garth Bregman, Tanuj Dutt, Tina King, Catherine Poyen-Zemans, Anu Sahai, Shiv Puri

Process Review

Brent Smith (Chair), Ashok Lalwani, Kevin Meehan, Yosh Nakahara

Master Plan Task Force

Maria Warner Wong

Executive Compensation

Tameria Fillinger, Tina King, Anita Tan-Langlois

Foundation Board

Laura Entwistle, Catherine Poyen-Zemans, Anita Tan-Langlois

PTA Liaison

Tina King

The Singapore American School Board is a policy and governance board. The Board has three primary responsibilities:

  1. Ensure that the School’s policies support the achievement of the School’s purpose. The Board delegates the implementation of these policies to the Superintendent, who is responsible for the administrative operations of the school.
  2. Conduct long range planning for the continued improvement and financial health of the School. This includes annual establishment of School wide goals and ongoing review of progress toward those goals.
  3. Hire the School’s Superintendent, provide ongoing support, and supervise his/her performance.

The Singapore American School Board is made up of 12 elected volunteers who serve three-year terms and serve on the main Board, Board committees and/or serve as appointments to boards and organizations that further the interests of Singapore American School. All Board members must be parents of current SAS students and members of the Singapore American School Limited.


The Board operates through the following standing committees:

Facilities and Finance Committee
The Facilities and Finance Committee is responsible for final review and approval of the budget before it goes to the board for adoption; final monitoring of all school expenditures on behalf of the board; and working with the superintendent on joint strategic responsibilities for school facilities and finance. This includes institutional fiscal safeguards and financial and facility planning for the future. The committee is also responsible, at policy and planning levels, for approval of recommended construction projects, maintenance of the school plant and security, subject to final approval of the board.

Investment Advisory Committee
The Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) is a subcommittee of the Facilities and Finance Committee. The IAC monitors the school’s investments, reserves, and endowments and ensures that they are managed in accordance with relevant board policies and strategic objectives.

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee is responsible for the overarching governance of the school through board policy development and revision, board member recruiting, and assessing both board and superintendent performance.

The committee annually considers board composition and recruits talented persons to serve on the board. The committee reviews board policy to ensure that the policy provides appropriate parameters for the superintendent to execute the strategic direction of the school. The committee also assists the board in the superintendent performance assessment and the annual review of board effectiveness.

Executive Compensation Committee
The Executive Compensation Committee meets on an ad hoc basis to advise the superintendent on confidential personnel issues and other confidential business matters on behalf of the board. The Executive Compensation Committee works with the superintendent to review internal compensation systems and establishes and reviews the superintendent’s compensation and benefits.

In addition to board committees, there are also opportunities to sit on the Singapore American School Foundation Development and Gifts Acceptance and Audit Committees as a representative of the board.

Board Meetings





Board Retreat August 27, 2016
Board Meeting September 13, 2016 SAS Board Room 6:00 p.m.
*Annual General Meeting/Board Meeting October 24, 2016 TBD 6:00 p.m. Board Meeting / 7:00 p.m. AGM
Board Meeting November 21, 2016 SAS Board Room 6:00 p.m.
*Presentation of the Proposed Budget/ Board Meeting January 16, 2017 TBD 6:00 p.m. Board Meeting / 7:00 p.m. AGM
Board Meeting March 13, 2017 SAS Board Room 6:00 p.m.
EGM / Board Meeting April 24, 2017 TBD 6:00 p.m. EGM / 7:00 p.m. Board Meeting
Board Retreat May 20, 2017

*AGM, Budget Presentation, and Election EGM are public meetings to which all are encouraged and invited to attend.

Summary minutes will be posted for all board meetings. Committee chairs will report committee activity at each board meeting and when minutes are kept, will be included with the board minutes document.

Budget Information

The SAS Board of Governors, in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities, views the development and approval of the annual budget as one of its most important duties. The budget process begins early in the school year and culminates in late February in an open meeting at which the administration presents its proposed budget and schedule of fees. The board then considers community input before a final review and adoption of the budget in early March.

Note: If you would like more detail about the budget information, click on the people icon found at the top-right section of the SAS webpage. Choose your role in order to log in. This portal is only available to the SAS community.



Each elected board member serves a three-year term. In the event that a board member cannot fulfill the complete term, a member of the school is appointed by the board to take his or her place for the remainder of the term. The board seeks to recruit and appoint parents who are committed to the mission, vision, and strategic objectives of SAS and whose strategic expertise, resources, and perspectives will ensure an effective and diverse board.

Parents interested in serving on the board may do so in one of two ways:

  • The first and most common way to join the board is by appointment. Parents register interest in serving on the board, and then are invited to a series of “get to know you (and us)” discussions. When a board seat becomes open (typically after someone moves or their children graduate), the board makes an appointment from the list of interested parties it has met. Anyone who has been appointed to fill a vacancy must then run for re-election when the term to which he or she has been appointed expires.
  • The second way to join the board is to run in the annual election. Any member of the school who wishes to stand for election to the board must file with board secretary Ann Tan a written statement of his or her intention to stand for election, supported by the signatures of 30 school members, at least 30 days before the election. The annual election is held at the EGM town hall meeting in May.

Board secretary, Ann Tan, can be reached by telephone at +65 6360 6315 or by email at She will be pleased to answer any questions about the appointment or electoral process.

Please note the following:

  • You must be a member of the school to be a board member or to vote at the Annual General Meeting of the school for candidates standing for election to the board. If you have not yet joined the school, or if you are unsure if you are already a member, please contact Ann Tan at
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the School provide that employees of the school and their spouses are not eligible to serve on the board.


The Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) assists the superintendent and the Finance Committee of the board in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities pertaining to the management and investment of the funds of the school and the school.

Candidates must be a member of the trust and have a minimum of ten years of professional experience in the financial services industry or equivalent, with at least five years direct experience in investment management, wealth management, and/or private banking industries. If you are interested, please contact Ann Tan at for further information.

School Membership

Are you a member of the Singapore American School Limited?

The Singapore American School Limited is the legal entity under which the Singapore American School (SAS) operates. Members of the school participate in the governance of the school by electing twelve fellow members to the Singapore American School Board, which is responsible for the strategic oversight of SAS.

In order to vote at the Annual General Meeting of the school and to vote for candidates standing for election to the board, you must be a member of the school. If you have not previously joined the Singapore American School Limited, or are unsure of whether or not you are a member, please call board secretary, Ann Tan, at +65 6360 6315 or email for assistance.

Application for parent membership to the school has been a part of the standard application for admission since 2001. All parents, legal guardians, and faculty members are eligible and encouraged to join. There is no fee for membership.

Download Membership Application Form
The membership application form above is a PDF file and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, please download it first by clicking the icon below:

Get Acrobat Reader

Contact the Board

The Board values the input it receives from the SAS community, and extends an invitation to members of the community to comment on any matters of interest or concern.

Please use the form below to provide us with any specific comments or feedback. Your message will be automatically forwarded to the Board Chair, and you can expect a reply in a timely manner from either a member of the Board or, when appropriate, a member of the administration at the direction of the Board.

Should you wish to contact an individual Board member, please consult the school directory. Alternatively, you may contact Ann Tan, the Board secretary, at +65 6360 6315 for assistance.

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