by Naya Jorgensen

This article was written by AT Writing Workshop and Publication student Naya Jorgensen.

This semester, you’ve probably heard AT Writing Workshop and Publication students complaining loudly as they make their hike up to Dr. Clark’s room on the fourth floor—the loglines, the line edits, blah, blah, blah. We get it, you’re writing a book. Weird flex, but okay.

Since these kids probably made no effort to explain to you what exactly they were struggling through—or you didn’t dare to ask—here are the ten biggest yikes moments they experienced while writing Morbid Curiosities: An Anthology of Unconventional Horror.

When you signed up for the class totally set on writing romantic poetry or something, but nOoOoOOOOOoo, everybody wants to go the Stephen King route instead.

When you show your story in workshop and you’re really proud...

But it gets completely roasted.

Aaaand then you have to scrap the whole thing and start again.

When you, an educated speller from the UK and/or Canada, cleverly correct someone’s “favorite” to “favourite” or “color” to “colour. . .”

But apparently, we have to use American spelling?!

When you finally have a solid plot and think your story might be okay, but Dr. Clark points out a tiny error and you feel like an idiot.

When you all realize you actually have to come up with a title in order to publish a book.

And when you think your weird title idea is super cool, but Dr. Clark hears it and just sits there like:

When you tell your Asian family you’re in an advanced book publishing class and you can feel them judging you together.

When you have no idea if the books are going to arrive on time or approximately seven years after you graduate.

And when you’re finally done with the whole process, but the manuscript keeps haunting your dreams and you know it will forever.

From the cover: Vampires? Werewolves? Ghosts? Not quite. This anthology of horror peels back the veneer of normalcy to uncover the strange and spine-tingling fears lurking behind. Created by the minds of Singapore American School’s Advanced Topic Writing Workshop and Publication students, this collection of 25 oddly specific horrors will make you look twice at everything from a Barbie doll to a ball of twine.

Get your copy of Morbid Curiosities: An Anthology of Unconventional Horror from the Booster Booth or online.

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