Didi Hari Krishnan

Every week, our administration team will be answering two questions that have consistently emerged in our parent community. This week middle school principals Lauren Mehrbach, Chris Raymaakers, and Chris Beingessner share why middle school students are unable to access their lockers and why our Grab & Go booths are currently closed.

1. Why can't middle school students use their lockers?
With the one-meter safe distancing rule, only one in eight lockers can be accessed at the same time. If students were given the option to use their lockers, we would have to stagger their access to the lockers which will then take approximately 32 minutes for a group of students to get to their lockers.

2. When can students use Grab & Go? How will my child get a snack after-school?
Our first priority is to get the cafeterias up and running which will allow students to have greater opportunities to eat lunch and enjoy time with their friends. We also encourage students to bring extra snacks on days when they are participating in afterschool activities. 

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