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Every week, our educators will answer several questions that have consistently emerged in our parent community. This week middle school deputy principals Chris Raymaakers and Chris Beingessner share what break and lunch will look like in the middle school starting next week.

1. Lunch in the cafeteria
Students will be able to have their home lunch at the cafeteria starting next week. The cafeteria will be divided into three zones and students will be assigned to a zone based on the side they are currently in. Students will also be sitting at least one meter apart from one another. Hand sanitizing/washing routines will take place.

2. Break in middle school
We surveyed middle school students and they indicated that the thing they missed the most was time to socialize with friends. In order to start to address this need, students will be able to go to three large spaces—squishy court, memory garden, and the middle school foyer. Each side will be sent to one space and within those spaces, safe distancing measures will be in place. Students will not be able to use equipment as that will require more safe distancing measures.

Here's a video that was sent to the middle school students that explains in detail how this will all take place starting next week. 

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