by Anousha Chowdhry

Model United Nations is one of the most popular clubs at SAS. We attend overseas conferences as well as conferences within Singapore. 
I started MUN in grade five as a former student at Overseas Family School (OFS) and my first ever conference was MY-MUNOFS. As a fifth grader, being around middle schoolers was intimidating. Now having completed nine conferences, it is safe to say that it has been a major part of my life. 
It has helped me with my public speaking, making me aware of global issues and their impact on several communities, and taught me to work in a diplomatic way. Here are SAS, we have six weeks of tryouts for all grade levels. Different grades get to attend different conferences. 
Freshman and sophomores are mostly picked to attend MUNOFS. MUNOFS is an annual high school conference hosted by OFS. This year was the 10th anniversary of the high school MUN conference at OFS, MUNOFS X. MUNOFS is a conference that spans three days. 
Youth Leadership workshops were hosted on the first day where delegates and chairs got to interact and got to know one another and work with different topics within their interests through almost 100 workshops. 
On the last two days of the conference, all delegates and student officers look forward to debates, speeches, amendments, and joyous moments in the committee. 
The debates are full of diplomacy, arguments about global issues, and ways to solve them. This conference was a new experience for several SAS high schoolers. Two sophomores and I were given the privilege to be student officers at this conference, which meant we were there for any help they might have needed. 
Through the span of the conference, we were able to see our first-time MUNers come out of their comfort zone and try something new or build on their passion for MUN. There are several components that build up the MUN community throughout the world and one thing that stays consistent overall MUN conferences is the relationships and friendships you make and hold on to. 
MUNOFS is a great platform to start MUN as it is likely to be a trial conference where the delegates could understand the procedures of a MUN conference. Although like several other adventures in life, MUN too has ups and downs. In the end, it is all part of the experience of being a great and confident MUNer.  

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