Didi Hari Krishnan

2018-19 Middle school highlights
    •    Additional playspace option—Gaga court

    •    Participation in co-curricular program: Over 80 percent of students participated in co-curricular activities last year
    •    Dual language immersion program designed by Dr. Scott Oskins—eighth grade social studies. The main challenge was getting instruction materials.

TRi Time Improvements
    •    More parent volunteers

    •    More spaces introduced
    •    TRi Time Marketplace

Classroom without Walls (CWW)
    •    Change in venue for seventh grade CWW this year. Seventh graders went to Bintan, Indonesia instead of Desaru, Malaysia.
    •    Some personalized activities will be introduced next year for seventh grade CWW trip.

Taking Action/Make a Difference Unit
    •    Students are taking their argumentative strategies—using their voice to advocate for themselves. 

Flexible Learning in Sixth Grade
    •    All of sixth grade in flexible learning environments. 
    •    Read the myths debunked article here
    •    Spanish team in flexible learning environments

What’s on the horizon?
    •    Gathering feedback on student wellbeing during the advisory and counseling program. Our counselors are currently involved in the social-emotional learning leadership program. We are working with Hong Kong International School to learn more about their advisory program and how they proactively deal with social-emotional issues
    •    Pathfinding in grade seven B-side: 
         - Science lab will be integrated as it is currently in the sixth grade wing.
    •    During this summer, there will be a renovation in 6A learning community to create more breakout rooms.

    •    We have been gathering data (twice a year) from students on their experience in flexible learning spaces.

New Faculty 
    •    Seven new faculty members will join middle school in 2019-20


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