Hurricane Harvey was called an “unprecedented” storm, tearing through Texas, killing dozens of people and displacing more than a million. As a Texan and former FBISD teacher (APE and Oakland), and now an SAS elementary school faculty, I wanted to find a personal way for teachers overseas to help fellow teachers recover from this disaster. I felt a strong desire to help individual teachers, who put so much of their personal time and money into their classrooms, collecting classroom libraries, furniture, and materials over the years of their teaching careers. 

So, when Juan Seguin Elementary (JSE) teachers and aides went to work one Monday in September, they received an email with an Amazon eGift Card sent directly from a teacher or administrator at SAS or Concordia International School Shanghai. SAS students wrote cards and letters to students in each JSE class, sending their love and hopeful wishes for strength in the future. 

600: cards created by SAS students
24: Juan Seguin Elementary classes that will receive cards
4 —14: ages of SAS students that created cards
50: Juan Seguin Elementary faculty and support staff members that received $50 Amazon Gift Cards


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