Didi Hari Krishnan

Elementary school administration team:
David Hoss—Principal
Jo McIlroy—Deputy Principal (early learning center)
Lisa Wan—Deputy Principal (kindergarten and first grade)
Amanda Wood—Deputy Principal (second and third grade)
Susan Shaw—Deputy Principal (fourth grade and fifth grade)
Ken Schunk—Deputy Principal (specialists and facilities)
Louise Donaghey—Curriculum and Assessment Specialist

- New families: Welcome to SAS!
- Please continue to read SAS eNews to get current updates
- Groupings are now expanded from groups of five to groups of eight
- EAA activities begin January 18. Reminder: If you are picking up your child, please park off-campus and walk onto campus to pick up your child. Students riding the bus will leave campus at 4:30 p.m. Students walking home will be dismissed from the covered playground near the east gate.
- Marathon Club is starting next week
- We thank our parent volunteers who continue to support our students and the school

Desired Student Learning Outcomes (DSLO):
- These are the seven skillsets/competencies that we want our students to leave SAS with
- The skillsets were determined after our R&D trips
- Focus groups also helped us determine the DSLOs
- We teach these skillsets explicitly and implicitly

Character engages both the heart and mind, how one experiences and expresses self with others, and ultimately helps to improve the world around them. 

One way we address character is through our core values and school rules. Our rules are simple:
Be Safe 
Be Kind
Be Responsible

Another way we address character is through our core values:
Respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and compassion

Our music teachers have composed a fun song about the core values which they teach students at the beginning of the year. Teachers across all subjects use the language of these core values with learners as part of their ongoing instruction and feedback, as well as establishing classroom rules. We currently do not assess character but elements of character come up anecdotally in reports as well as through our learning behaviors.

Critical Thinking:
Critical Thinking is the ability to access and analyze key information to develop responses to complex problems and questions that may have no clear answer.

Cultural Competence:
Cultural Competence requires students to gain self-awareness of their personal worldview, as well as the worldview of others. It is the ability to understand human diversity and interact effectively with others in a variety of settings, applying skills that build positive interactions with all people. 

Communication is addressed in many of the curricular frameworks (for example: narrative and persuasive writing in ELA, obtaining/evaluating/communicating information in NGSS, communicating ideas in C3, interpersonal and interpretive communication in ACTFL). 

Collaboration is addressed in a few curricular frameworks (e.g., ELA comprehension and collaboration, PE personal and social behavior). Collaboration is also defined as a set of interdisciplinary skills, as seen through the competency-based progressions we are developing. 

Creativity is the ability to integrate and combine ideas while following a passion or curiosity to develop a useful and novel idea, process, or product.

Skill Sets Criteria (adopted from EdLeader21 rubrics):
- Idea generation
- Idea design and refinement
- Openness and courage to explore
- Working creatively with others
- Creative production and innovation

Content Knowledge:
At SAS we address content knowledge through our disciplines. Although in all divisions students may engage in interdisciplinary units or projects, each discipline has its own rigorous curriculum with standards they are accountable for teaching and assessing.

We have adopted the Common Core State Standards for ELA and math, Next Generation Science Standards for Science, C3 for Social Studies, and recently NCAS for visual performing arts.

On faculty inservice days we facilitate schoolwide learning in the respective disciplines to ensure schoolwide alignment.

Click here to access the slide deck.

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