by Charlotte Hewson

Moving to a new country can be exciting. It brings adventure, fresh opportunities, and new challenges. But let’s face it, the reality of relocation is daunting! It requires navigating multiple tasks, finding the best fit school, and that perfect place to call home. 

As you begin your transition to the Lion City and consider joining Singapore American School, you will likely wonder where our SAS community choose to reside and why. We break down the island to show you SAS hotspots and the perks of living in each neighborhood. 

Just a hop, skip and a jump from SAS, approximately 15 percent of families live in the Woodlands area. Nestled among beautiful greenery, this serene suburb offers a true neighborhood experience. The quiet streets are lined with spacious affordable homes and the opportunity for kids to walk, scooter, or bike to school. SAS families find this area to be home to a strong-knit community with regular events to attend (be sure to check out Halloween in the Woodlands). The trip to downtown takes approximately 25 to 30 minutes by car.

"We chose to live in Woodlands because of the proximity to SAS. With both of us working at the school and two young children, nothing beats our 2-minute walking commute in the morning. We also love the local food options nearby and being able to walk back into school for community events."—Didi H., Parent 

Dairy Farm and Upper Thomson
If open space and a laid back residential area is what you’re looking for, Dairy Farm and Upper Thomson offer gorgeous homes beyond the city. Located north of the CBD and arguably the greenest locations in Singapore, these areas are perfect for families who wish to surround themselves with nature. Getting to school from Dairy Farm or Upper Thomson takes just 10 to 15 minutes by car and 30 to 40 minutes by public transport. The trip to downtown takes 15 to 20 minutes by car or approximately 30 minutes using public transport.

"Dairy Farm is the perfect place for those who enjoy lush greenery and nature trails right outside their door. With a 13-minute drive to SAS and the ease of hoping on the downtown line to all major stops such as Botanic Gardens, Little India, and the CBD it is the perfect combination to explore this urban jungle called Singapore! And fear not, if you crave a delicious meal you are spoiled for choice at all the cafés and restaurants at The Rail Mall and HillV2 mall. Dairy Farm is a gem!"—Charlotte H., Parent

East Coast 
For those who like the outdoor life, East Coast is probably the best region offering an array of outdoor family-friendly activities. Kids love cycling or skating along the East Coast Park. The breezy suburbs are peaceful with open space and colorful neighborhoods. There’s a mix of houses and low-rise condos to suit various budgets, and there’s an abundance of stunning shophouses, boutique stores, and endless brunch spots to explore. Getting to SAS from this area takes around 30 minutes by car, while the MRT will take you 45 minutes to an hour. Heading to downtown will take less than 15 minutes by car and 20 minutes by public transport.

This map indicates the distribution of SAS families in Singapore for the academic year 2019-20. The largest concentration of SAS families live in and around the downtown core area.

Bukit Timah, Holland Village, and Sixth Avenue
If you are seeking the comfort of suburban life with the convenience of city living, neighborhoods such as Holland Village and Sixth Avenue may be a well suited option. Tucked away behind the beautiful Botanic Gardens, this area is about 10 to 15 minutes by car and 20 to 25 minutes by MRT to the downtown core. There is a mixture of housing styles available in this area and it’s brimming with delicious eateries and city comforts! The trip to school from this region takes around 20 minutes by car, and up to an hour by public transport. 

"We enjoy the suburban life provided in Sixth Avenue while still being close to the CBD, and easy access to SAS by car. This lovely mixed expat and local community neighborhood has a relaxed yet refined vibe with housing surrounded by beautiful greenery, and plenty of restaurants which are among some of the best in town!"—Yuka T., Parent 

Orchard and River Valley 
For vibrance and great connections across the island, the central locations around Orchard Road and River Valley may be for you. River Valley is a hot favorite among expats and many SAS families due to its proximity to the CBD and its alluring riverfront lifestyle. The bustling Orchard Road offers luxury high-rise accommodations to choose from. Many SAS families choose to live in the areas surrounding The American Club. Working parents can get to city offices quickly and conveniently, and needless to say there is no shortage of weekend entertainment and dining options to explore in these downtown areas. Getting to SAS takes around 30 minutes by car, and up to an hour by public transport. 

Newton and Novena 
Situated close to Orchard, Newton and Novena offer easy access to the CBD and convenient amenities. Most of the residential properties here are condominiums or apartments, with a few choices for landed properties. Served by two major expressways and well situated among MRT lines, these areas are well connected for transit across the Island. Getting to SAS will take around 25 minutes by car and 45 minutes by MRT. Travel to the CBD takes 10 minutes or less by car or public transport. 

Over 80 percent of SAS students use our door-to-door school bus service. The bus journey duration and pick up time will vary depending on the route that your chosen residence happens to be on. In general, our students’ school bus commute runs against the flow of rush-hour traffic. Contact Yeap Transport for more detailed bus information. 

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