Do we have a screen-time problem?
Based on a study in the United States done with 600 families:

77% parents feel that their child is distracted by the screen when they are together

41% of teens felt the same about their parents

(source: Technology Addiction - Concern, Controversy and Finding Balance, Common Sense Media, 2016)

In our own surveys of SAS middle school students and parents that attended the parent coffee:
56% parents feel their child is distracted when using technology
20% of students felt the same about their parents

Here are the strategies for working towards screen-time balance:

No Tech Essentials
    •    Family tech use plan/agreement

    •    No devices in bedroom

    •    Schedule after-school time

    •    Agreed no-tech times

    •    Set limits

    •    Have alternative activities

    •    Be a role model

Low Tech
    •    Know your usage: Track web usage to identify potential distraction issues. Use Web Timer and Webtime Tracker (for Google Chrome) or Rescue Time for web and apps

    •    Use a timer

High Tech Multi-device
    •    Manage your router to set WiFi access times for specific devices. Many modern routers have companion apps to manage access remotely. Here’s a link to a video tutorial: ASUS Router Parental Control

High Tech- Student Involved
    •    Focus

    •    Self Control

    •    Freedom

    •    Focus Me

    •    Forest

    •    Rescue Time

Popular social media currently trending among teens:

    •    Instagram

    •    Whatsapp

    •    YouTube

    •    TikTok

When is an appropriate time for your child to start using social media? 

The recommendation: Not before thirteen years old

How do you get your child into social media the safe and healthy way?

    •    Be the guide

    •    Be the mentor

    •    Be the follower

Click here to access the presentation slides: Middle school tech parent coffee (February 25)


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