Elementary school updates

  • Third season of EAA starts February 25, 2019.
  • Thank you SAS PTA and SAS Foundation for supporting our Academic Visitors-in-Residence Program. 
  • If you're looking for an opportunity to volunteer at the upcoming PTA International Fair, sign up here: Volunteer Sign Up
  • Student-led conferences on March 21 and 22. Parents will be receiving an email when signups are open.
  • Red Out day this Friday!

Summer Semester Update
All new Summer Semester with weekly sessions offered. Link to register here: Summer Semester

Placement Process (February to August)

  • Placement process has started and is ongoing until August
  • Teachers, counselors, and administrators are involved in the process.
  • Desired outcome: Balance (in terms of medical needs, support services needs, gender, etc.)
  • In two weeks, each counselor will meet with each teacher to create balanced clusters (3-4 clusters from each class)
  • Placement cards are used to sort through various requirements. Lots of most important information will be on these cards to help with the sorting after.
  • Counselors come back after the summer to review the class placements. 
  • Placement is shared the day before Open House in August around 3:00 p.m.
  • Placement letter will be sent on March 1, 2019
  • Parents may submit a placement letter should there be something else the counselors should consider when deciding on class placement
  • There will be clear guidelines in the placement letter
  • Receiving teacher will also receive this placement letter

Friendology Model

- Four Friendology facts:

  • No friendship (relationship) is perfect
  • Every friendship is different
  • Trust and respect are the two most important qualities of a friendship
  • Friendships change...and that’s OK!

- Use a Friend-o-meter to help decide if the friendship is in a healthy or unhealthy zone.
- Spend the MOST time with friendships in the healthy zone and LESS time in unhealthy zone.
- A Friendship Fire is an issue or problem between you and a friend that results in negative feelings.
- How to put out a Friendship Fire?

  • Find a good time to talk (just the two of you)
  • In a calm voice, name the problem
  • Explain how you feel (I Message)
  • Listen to their side and understand their perspective
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