EarthCraft is a Service Oriented Club established earlier this year. We were motivated to create this club by a trip to Bali during our Interim semester, led by our club sponsor, Ms.Green.

Throughout the trip, we learned to love, respect, and most importantly to listen to the environment. Our idea came from a recycle center that we visited during the trip; Instead of breaking down the waste material using factories, the locals chose to upcycle them. Plastic packages from instant coffee were turned into beautiful handbags, sweet wrappers were turned into necklaces. It was magical. Inspired, we decided to create EarthCraft and make art out of waste materials.

EarthCraft aims to collect SAS’s biodegradable waste and turn it into useful products for sale. It strives to incorporate used materials into people's daily lives again by challenging students to create their own products using them. In short, EarthCraft replaces factory with creativity.

Unlike many of the global issue clubs which focus on raising awareness for critical issues, EarthCraft strives to make a difference with students’ own hands. It provides a chance for passionate artists to create their own designs and gives all its club members an opportunity to impact the club in their own way.

By engaging in environmentally preserving tasks and having other students interact with us and purchase our products, EarthCraft can be far more successful than raising awareness through posters and speeches.

At EarthCraft, we craft for the Earth.

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