Didi Hari Krishnan

Middle school admin
Principal: Lauren Mehrbach
Deputy Principal: Chris Beingessner
Deputy Principal: Chris Raymaakers

Middle school counseling team
Dean of Student Life: Ryan Bruce
Grade 6 Counselor: Mark Swarstad
Grade 7 Counselor: Christa Haycock
Grade 8 Counselor: Ben Robertaccio
Psychologist: Cindy Gilbert

Upcoming PTA events:
1. Welcome Back Coffee and General Meeting on August 23, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Riady Performing Arts Center. Meet fellow parents, school faculty and staff, community partners, sponsors, as well as PTA division representatives. 

2. Welcome Back BBQ is on Saturday, September 7 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the SAS north field for an afternoon of free family fun including food, inflatables, sporting events, music, a photo booth, and more. This event is free for all SAS families thanks to the PTA, Booster Club, and our sponsors. Pre-register here.

Communication channels:
- SAS Portal
- eNews
- PowerSchool
- Parent Coffees
- Email
- Phone

What do we do to support your child’s journey?
- Advisory
- Middle school will be rolling out well-being check-ins this year where students will be asked general questions to collect some specific data on what our students need. This will allow our students to do some self-reflection.
- Celebrate risk-taking through: 

  •   Rigorous academics
  •   MS Library Maker Space
  •   TRi Time

Top 10 things you need to let your child mess up:
    1.    Let them earn a bad grade

    2.    Let them sweat when they forget

    3.    Let them miss the bus (or their ride)

    4.    Let them use public transport and get lost (or succeed!)

    5.    Let them miss a deadline that matters

    6.    Let them run out of money on their lunch card

    7.    Let them wear smelly, dirty clothes

    8.    Let them feel ashamed when they are hurtful, dishonest or disappoint
    9.    Let them procrastinate through their wifi time and not do their homework.
   10.   Let them set a goal and feel disappointed in themselves when they don’t reach it

Click here to access the presentation slides: Middle School Parent Coffee (August 19)

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