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High School Updates by Dr. Darin Fahrney
    •    College admissions are going well. 

    •    Prom is coming up on April 27. High school does not sponsor a post-prom party.

    •    Vaping situation is getting traction with younger students. High school administration continues to reinforce with students that there are consequences if students are caught vaping.

Summer Programming Options by Sean McAuley
-There is an abundance of opportunities available. Give your child the chance to relax during the summer! Research shows students need downtime to strengthen other skills.

-Myth debunked
Q: Don’t they have to have a busy ‘academic’ summer to go to college or university?
A: No! In fact, it may reduce their chances in the future. You need to give them a chance to be more unique! (ie: working in the summer, volunteer projects)

    •    Summer program does not improve college chances

    •    Students can get college credits with some summer programs. It might be transferrable to other colleges but that is not usually the case.

    •    If it is popular then it must be good for my child—that's not always true
    •    If it is expensive then it must be good—that's not always true

Summer Options:
    •    Relax, decompress, reconnect with family

    •    Travel

    •    Employment, internships (use the term job shadow if looking for an internship opportunity in Singapore), volunteer work

    •    Formal summer programs: developmental, recreational, or academic

Consider the needs of your child as well:
    •    Freedom to learn through experience:
- If students are looking at doing law, dentistry, or medicine, students could look for internship opportunities to help with their college application.
- Students could get a job or internship (ie: American Club summer youth program, work with parents, etc.).
- Students could also do volunteer work—many colleges offer sports camps, wilderness camps, community service, service and adventure combos, etc. (Example of reputable companies: Rustic Pathways, Where There Be Dragons)
    •    Downtime and balance
    •    Adventure and exploration
    •    Enrichment and acceleration

Academic Programs
    •    Summer Programs at SAS

    •    College-based programs

College-Based Programs
    •    College courses for rising juniors and seniors

    •    Pre-college programs— Reputable Providers: Summer Discovery and Oxbridge (Europe)

    •    Pre-college programs (selective criteria/nomination)

Campus Tours
    •    Why? Are they necessary? Yes, if you have the opportunity
    •    Best time: when classes are in session

    •    Types: Organized tours and/or family visits

    •    Planning: Preparation is needed. Encourage your child to type an email to the admissions office to arrange the college visit.

SAS partner program: Visit www.tscollegetours.com
-TS College Tours help arrange tours for international students only. 

Summer Semester at SAS by Dan Skimin
All new summer semester program this year. There are three courses for high school students:
    •    Biology

    •    Algebra I

    •    Geometry

- It is a four-week program.
- Students are on-level with the rest of the students who take the course during the regular school year.
- Broken down in 8 units.

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