by Jodi Jonis

Empty Bowls

High schoolers buddy up with elementary school and early learning center students, making the visual arts Interim Semester project more meaningful to the community.

The Communications Perspective
by Kinjal Shah

With his brothers

Inner-city kid, Walt Disney World intern, campus tour guide, Japanese manga fanboy, globetrotter, popcorn connoisseur – sixth grade reading-language arts teacher James Toney knows what it means to defy the odds and teaches kids to appreciate the resources they have.

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Recent Perspectives

by Chip Kimball

creative learning spaces

It’s the age-old education question: how do kids learn best? And as far as facilities go, do students best learn sitting in rows of desks, or in flexible environments where they can explore and learn in a variety of ways? This isn’t the first time educators at Singapore American School have considered that question, or tried new learning environments.

by Augustus Prescott Gaylord, Kathie Goggins & Hannah Olsen

Recyling starts young

Pre-kindergarten children in the early learning center at Singapore American School (SAS) were becoming increasingly curious about garbage, after noticing the amount of daily waste produced at the school, and worried about how human actions impacted the earth.

by Kinjal Shah

man and woman

A sustainability planner at SAS, Augustus Prescott Gaylord started doing improv more than a decade ago—and mostly by accident. Going for an audition that said "no experience necessary”, was his ticket into the world of improv. A former Artistic Director of the Baltimore Improv Group, Gaylord is the creator of ‘Unscripted—an improvised play in two acts,’ a show that has enjoyed sold out runs in Baltimore over the past eight years.

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