Sign up Now—Summer Semester Bilingual Experience!
Sign up Now—Summer Semester Bilingual Experience!

Are you looking to further your child's oral language proficiency in Chinese/Spanish over the summer? Summer Semester Bilingual Experience is a fantastic opportunity for your child to continue building upon their language skills while having fun and making new friends along the way. There is no better to way to increase your child's oral proficiency than by enrolling your child in the Summer Semester, allowing them to explore their own interests and passion in the relaxed yet highly responsive to personalized learning settings.

A typical day in the summer will start with a morning meeting, group activities and setting our goals for the day. Through getting to know one another better, we plan to gauge each and every one of our students' interests and tailor the lessons around them. After a morning of exploratory learning, students will have the opportunity to take part in Creativity and Wellness classes (in a combination of English and the target language) in order to stimulate their intellectual curiosity and creative expressions.

The goal of the program is really to focus on increasing your child's oral proficiency in the target language and to instill a passion for language-learning that will carry on with them beyond their summer semester experience. The Summer Semester Chinese/Spanish program provides an opportunity for children to learn and use more Chinese/Spanish language in the settings of lunch, recess, Creativity and Wellness.

Right here in Singapore, with just a bus ride to SAS, your child will spend a whole day everyday this summer to be immersed in Chinese/Spanish language and culture while having classes that will excite, challenge and engage their young minds. They will have each and every opportunity to discover and explore their own interests and passion, to create with the language and to express themselves in Chinese/Spanish without having to travel to China or a spanish speaking country. Come join us Summer Semester 2018!

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