Operations at SAS 1101: Introduction and Back to School Updates
Operations at SAS 1101: Introduction and Back to School Updates

Introducing Operations at SAS

Welcome to the eleventh year of our article series explaining the school's operations and finances! Operations at SAS is intended to maintain open communication around issues and decisions affecting Singapore American School. All 140-plus past articles can be accessed at Operations at SAS on the school website, and we welcome your questions or ideas for new articles at mrogers@sas.edu.sg.

Our articles are published every few weeks in eNews and cover a broad range of topics, such as how we ensure financial stability, student and staff demographics, school security arrangements, and explanations of facilities projects. We encourage you to take a few minutes to read each article, because in this way you will learn more about SAS and how it has flourished for over six decades.

Back to School Updates

As we come to the end of our third week of school, we hope that old and new students alike are feeling comfortable and confident in their routines, peer groups, classes, and activities. We take a moment now to update you about our enrollment numbers, new faculty members, and summer facilities projects.

School starts with strong enrollment

We are delighted to report that our start-of-school enrollment has remained strong for another school year! Schoolwide, SAS began the 2021–22 school year with 4,006 enrolled students. In addition to 3,372 returning students, we welcomed 634 new students to SAS. We have a few spaces left in the early learning center, kindergarten, and first grade. We expect to fill most of these during the first semester. Bus operator Yeap Transport reports that 132 buses pick up over 2,668 SAS students each day from 770 different locations. We estimate that around 600 neighborhood children walk, bike, or scooter to school.

Welcome to our new faculty members

We also welcomed 52 teachers to the school. Thirty-two of these new hires are American citizens, and the rest hail from Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, India, Singapore, Spain, and Taiwan. About one third joined us from schools in North America, one third from schools in Singapore, and one third from international schools in other countries. Our new colleagues have plenty of experience and expertise: most have taught for at least five years, one fifth have taught for at least 15 years, and over 70 percent hold a master's degree or higher. In addition to three faculty members who moved into leadership and interim leadership positions over the summer, we also welcomed two new leadership team members to SAS.

Summer projects update

As you are probably aware, the 2021 summer was an unusually busy one for our facilities team! With the first stage of SAS Reimagined now well underway (check out our progress updates), the campus saw some major changes, as well as some more routine upkeep and cleaning jobs. We are pleased to report no major workplace accidents and minimal disruption to our successful Summer Semester and Jumpstart programs.

Our facilities staff and external contractors were able to complete a number of projects over the 2021 summer break, ensuring that the campus was ready to welcome students on the first day of classes:

  • Front gate and entry refreshed, landscaping upgraded
  • Pedestrian bridge to west fields completed
  • West fields complex completed (tennis and basketball courts; soccer, rugby, and baseball fields)
  • Lightning warning system upgraded, incorporating strobe light and siren for west fields
  • Hoarding panels installed around construction site perimeter
  • Grandstand demolished, rubble recycled on site for access roads and parking areas
  • Soil investigation and column strengthening in preparation for construction projects
  • External facade washing and cleaning of all blocks; repainting as needed
  • New, ergonomic furniture ordered for elementary school classrooms
  • New areas for play and socializing installed in middle school courtyards
  • 7C learning community pathfinder project completed (postponed from 2020 summer due to pandemic)
  • Climbing gym renovated to better accommodate all ability levels; extra belay systems installed
  • New, expanded Booster Booth created on previous Focaccia Foods site
  • High school cafeteria redesigned to accommodate new Indian, sandwich, and salad bar counters
  • Renovation and redesign of several offices: facilities, human resources, advancement, security guards' rest area

Other projects will continue during the school year, following strict safety and mitigation measures to ensure minimal impact on our students and community. For more information on SAS Reimagined, including plenty of videos and photos showing our facilities staff and their achievements, please explore SAS Reimagined, our dedicated microsite.

Thank you for reading this year's first Operations at SAS article. Your comments, questions, and ideas for future articles are always welcome. Please email them to Chief Operating Officer Matthew Rogers at mrogers@sas.edu.sg. We look forward to hearing from you.

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