Community Music Video Project
Community Music Video Project

Community Music Video Project

Equipment you will need: Handphone to film yourself, a separate device to play the backing track, and a pair of headphones.

  1. Listen to the backing track to Stand by Me by Ben E. King and become familiar with the lyrics.
  2. While you listen to the backing track with your headphones, record a video of yourself singing, playing an instrument, or dancing to the music with your handphone filming horizontally. You can choose to film yourself for the whole song or just a section of your choice. Try to limit the amount of background noise when recording.
  3. You will hear a voice counting, "1, 2, 3, 4," before the music begins. Clap your hands once when the voice says 4. This will help us line up the audio and the videos later in the process.
  4. Please do not play the backing track through speakers unless you are submitting a video of yourself only dancing. If you are submitting a video of yourself singing, it should be only the sound of your voice in the video.
  5. If you choose to play an instrument while singing, we may not be able to hear your singing very well. If you want to add your voice and an instrumental part to the project, we recommend you record two separate videos—one of you only playing the instrument, and another video of you only singing.
Submit the video to by Friday, May 8.

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