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In recent years, the Woodlands Halloween celebration has grown significantly. This year, in place of the traditional trick-or-treating, the local government is encouraging families to find alternate ways to celebrate Halloween.

Give the school uniform a week off and celebrate Homecoming Spirit Week from November 2 to 6! Everyone is invited to join the themed dress days!

    We hope you enjoyed reading about where SAS students come from in Part 1 of our annual Student Demographics article. This week we further explore our community's characteristics by looking at what brings SAS families to Singapore, who pays the bills, how long students stay, and where families live.

    We have received great feedback regarding our Friday Red-Out spirit wear days. One of the most common suggestions we receive is to broaden this beyond "red-out" to include all SAS spirit wear.

    Campus access will continue to be limited to individuals who have appointments and have completed the visitor registration form shared by the school leader who has invited them to campus.

    Submit an essay of less than 1000 words or a video with a 1-minute length on the prompt "How to empower an individual to understand and participate in building an inclusive society during this epidemic, COVID 2019?"

    We will continue to require students of all ages to wear masks/face shields. Our students have done a tremendous job following this guideline and we are grateful for your continued support in helping your child observe this precautionary measure.

    Every week, our educators will answer several questions that have consistently emerged in our parent community. This week elementary school deputy principal Ken Schunk gives a sneak peek at our dining plan in the elementary school.

    Students are exploring music theory, ear training, solo performances, self assessment, handbells, chamber group work, audio and video editing, and many other topics.

    As we returned to campus this year we noticed a slight increase in car traffic during our morning arrival process. Although the increase is small, it is impactful because of the timing of the traffic lights on Woodlands Street 41.

    We wanted to alert you about a situation involving social media and your children. We are not aware of any SAS students who have viewed this video or who have been affected by it, but thought it worthwhile to inform parents about it because of the potential for harm.

    Every week, our educators will answer several questions that have consistently emerged in our parent community. This week high school principal Stephen Ly shares the reasons behind the recent changes to the high school bell schedule that will go into effect on Monday, September 7.

    For many years now, parents in the Woodlands neighborhood have generously volunteered to supervise the crosswalk on Woodgrove Avenue that leads to the school's pedestrian (east) entry.

    Let's paint the school red every Friday! Starting on Friday, August 21, it is recommended that students and faculty/staff wear red every Friday to show their school spirit.