School Finance 701: The Finance at SAS Article Series

Welcome back from summer break, and a special welcome to those families new to SAS! The Finance at SAS series is intended to promote understanding and support of school policies within our large, diverse parent community. The series is entering its seventh year, and all of its nearly one hundred articles may be accessed at Finance at SAS on the school website.

Articles are published every few weeks in eNews and address a range of topics. Last year, for instance, we considered school-specific topics such as our budget, financial reserves, and student and teacher demographics. We also covered some "big picture" topics, such as developments in Singapore's international school market and what it means to be a non-profit school. Our occasional "Mythbusters" articles address finance-related issues about which community members may have misconceptions.

Finance at SAS was started in 2011 by William Scarborough, chief financial officer from 2008 to 2017, who saw a need for better communication about financial and operational matters within the SAS community. Each year's articles are numbered sequentially, from the 100 series in 2011–12 up to the 600 series in 2016–17.

Chief Operating Officer Matthew Rogers will continue with the 700 series in 2017–18. Matthew is an alumnus of SAS, is married to an SAS alumna and former SAS teacher, and has a son in the second grade. He has worked across Asia for sixteen years in a variety of operational and management roles, and now returns to SAS. As chief operating officer, he manages all aspects of the school's operations, including finance, facilities, security, human resources, and contracted services. Matthew enjoys reading, biking, and exploring Singapore and the region with his family. He is very excited to be a part of the dynamic SAS community and to contribute to shaping the school's future as it pursues its strategic plan.

We are always eager to hear your comments and questions about the school's finances. Some of our most interesting Finance at SAS articles began as parent queries, so please send your feedback to Matthew, at We look forward to hearing from you.