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Our annual re-enrollment exercise is underway, and we invite all SAS families to complete the re-enrollment or withdrawal process by March 1, 2018. If you have already done so, we thank you. For families new to SAS this year or anyone with questions about it, we take this opportunity to explain the reasons for our re-enrollment process and describe this year's procedures.


We know that SAS parents sometimes wonder why they must re-enroll their children each year. In fact, re-enrollment is vitally important in maintaining the school's operational efficiency and financial health. The SAS community benefits in many ways from a timely and efficient re-enrollment process:

  • Families can affirm their ongoing commitment to the school and know that their seats are guaranteed for the upcoming school year.
  • The admissions office can forecast returning-student numbers accurately and accept strong candidates promptly.
  • Accepted applicants can commit to SAS rather than to a "second choice" school that offers a place more quickly.
  • New families, including those moving from overseas, can complete their planning with less stress.
  • Administrators can plan staff assignments and recruit excellent new teachers.
  • The school can continue operating at full capacity, avoiding damaging enrollment fluctuations and keeping tuition rate increases low.
  • Program needs, facilities schedules, and classroom materials can be predicted and addressed.

Parents sometimes ask why SAS charges a fee for re-enrollment. Quite simply, a monetary commitment yields a more accurate estimate of returning students, which is the goal of re-enrollment. A fee helps eliminate false re-enrollments and encourages undecided families to finalize their plans. On the school's side, accepting a student's re-enrollment fee commits us to having a spot for that child in August and providing the expected educational program.

Singapore does not allow tuition deposits, so international schools here either require tuition fees up to six months in advance or a re-enrollment fee. We feel that our system meets our objectives and is fair to current and future families. The fee is included in our average total cost of attendance, which we benchmark against other schools' averages; you can view these comparisons in our recent budget article.


An email sent to you on 18 January directed you to the MySAS Parent Portal, where, after logging in and clicking the red "Online Re-enrollment" button, you will see three options:

1. Re-enroll: Finalize the 2018–19 re-enrollment process by completing steps 1a through 1d on your personal re-enrollment page. Until you have completed these four steps, you have not re-enrolled your child. You may return to your re-enrollment page at any time before March 15 to change information or check your child's re-enrollment status. This is particularly useful if you want to see whether your employer has made the payment. You will not need to print out any documents, as the process is completed entirely online.

2. Tell us why you are undecided: If you are unsure of your plans for 2018–19, fill out step 2 to let us know your situation. However, keep in mind that this action does not hold a child's spot or delay the need for a re-enrollment decision. See the table below to understand the process, fees, and terms of re-enrolling by March 1, March 14, or later.

3. Withdraw: If you know you will not be returning, complete step 3.

Please complete one of the three steps as soon as possible, so we know your intentions. Only by re-enrolling (with payment) or by withdrawing do you complete the process.

Summary of re-enrollment dates, fees, and terms

Our re-enrollment process is an important element in the school's financial stability and overall success. We hope you will decide to re-enroll your children at SAS, and we thank you for completing the necessary steps. Please send any re-enrollment questions to Comments, questions, and suggestions for future articles are always welcome at We look forward to hearing from you.