Operations at SAS 1007: Environmental and Operational Improvements from SAS Reimagined

As we approach the construction phase of our SAS Reimagined campus upgrade plan, we are excited to outline for the community some of the environmental and operational improvements that the remodeled campus will make possible. Our goal is to become more sustainable and efficient while improving the safety and comfort of all users. For more information, please browse through our SAS Reimagined website.

Planning for sustainability

Our new and renovated campus spaces will incorporate cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to help us maximize our use of energy, water, and other resources, balancing present needs with future imperatives:

  • All new construction is intended to meet Singapore's stringent Green Mark Platinum (Super Low Energy) standards.
  • Our carbon footprint will be reduced due to more modern, efficient chillers and energy-saving thermostats, lighting fixtures, and movement sensors.
  • Continued use of rooftop photovoltaic cells will harness solar power for use on campus or for export to Singapore's energy grid, with savings for SAS in both cases.
  • Building and renovation works will use sustainably produced products, including materials certified as low in volatile organic compounds and wood sourced from managed forests and mixed with recycled content.
  • Water-saving taps, toilets, faucets, and water fountains, as well as more efficient pipes and kitchen facilities, will result in reduced water consumption.
  • The new elementary school block is intended to be fresh-water-neutral, with gray water harvested and treated for irrigation and toilet-flushing needs.
  • Our designs incorporate indoor-outdoor areas that use natural ventilation, fans, green walls, and shade-giving plantings to replace or supplement air-conditioning.
  • Landscaping will incorporate climate-friendly plants, water-saving methods like drip irrigation and rain-water harvesting, and synthetic turf on some high-use surfaces.
  • Across our systems, remote sensors and improved monitoring and management software will help us avoid waste and fix problems as they occur.
  • We hope to decrease food waste in our cafeterias through careful management by our food vendors; an eco digester will turn food waste into compost that will fertilize campus plantings.
  • We will significantly reduce single-use plastics on campus through careful selection of products and enhanced community education.

Traffic improvements

SAS Reimagined will incorporate improved traffic patterns and dedicated bus routes, which will improve efficiency and safety and help limit vehicle emissions and noise pollution:

  • Pedestrians will be separated from vehicle traffic at all three pedestrian access gates, improving traffic efficiency and pedestrian safety.
  • Private cars will continue to use our current main gate but buses will not, making private-car campus access more efficient.
  • Buses will enter and exit via the west entrance (currently the exit gate for one-way campus traffic), for improved efficiency and safety, as well as improved neighborhood relations.

Pedestrian safety and comfort

How pedestrians move onto and around campus is an important focus of our planning:

  • Pedestrians will follow dedicated routes separated from vehicles at all pedestrian access gates.
  • The main gate and Woodgrove Avenue gate will both continue to be pedestrian access points; the current middle school/high school pedestrian gate will be replaced by pedestrian access at an expanded and upgraded west gate.
  • We are considering how best to ensure safe and efficient movement around campus, possibly with a network of covered connecting paths.
  • Planning that encourages bike and scooter use is also important.
  • We understand that the government's latest master plan includes a new park connector near the west side of campus, and we expect this will benefit our community.

Drop-off, pick-up, and parking

Along with more efficient traffic patterns, we anticipate improved efficiency, safety, and comfort around drop-off, pick-up, and parking:

  • A covered bus bay will accommodate multiple buses at a time, serve students in all divisions, and double as an all-weather play area between drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Parking facilities will include a parking garage under the new sports fields (adjacent to the new middle school), in addition to the current parking garage under the high school.
  • Private-car pick-up will continue much like today, with traffic running along the existing traffic lane through school.
  • Taxis and car-hire services will have a designated drop-off location near the current main gate but off the public road, improving user comfort and safety.

Improved facilities for contracted staff

  • SAS Reimagined incorporates facilities designed for our contracted staff—bus services, food services, housekeeping, groundskeeping, etc.—to ensure their comfort while on campus.
  • We hope to help our bus owner-operators with off-hour parking options, as this remains a significant financial and logistical challenge for them.

At SAS, we aspire to be a world leader in education, not just in students' academic experiences but also in our operational choices. Our new campus will be more sustainable and efficient while improving the safety and comfort of all users. We encourage you to browse through our dedicated microsite, SAS Reimagined, for more information. As always, we welcome comments, questions, and suggestions for future articles at mrogers@sas.edu.sg.