Finance at SAS 808: 2019 Summer Projects at SAS

As our families look ahead to summer break, our facilities team is gearing up for its busiest time of year. During the 58 work days (including Sundays) of the 2019 summer vacation, our staff will tackle facilities projects that would cause excessive disruption if done while school was in session. The summer work period allows our facilities team and its contractors to clean, renovate, replace, maintain, and upgrade school facilities in preparation for a new school year.

Each summer project is determined through careful cost-benefit analysis and assessment of criteria such as program needs, asset enhancement, aesthetics and branding, and safety and maintenance implications. Contracts are awarded after a competitive bidding process. The facilities team prioritizes safety, efficiency, and attention to detail as they work to meet their deadlines.

Major Projects

Major projects are coordinated through our 15-year asset management plan. Although some larger-scale projects are on hold as we decide how to proceed with campus redevelopment plans, this summer our facilities teams will complete two pathfinder projects, develop offices for our schoolwide Eagle Activities and Athletics program, and undertake several comprehensive maintenance and upgrading projects in the high school.

For the third consecutive summer, we will undertake pathfinder projects to help us understand how our classroom environments can best support our inquiry-based, collaborative, and interdisciplinary approach to learning. Our high school pathfinder project will reconfigure current classrooms to create three additional humanities flexible learning environments. Two will be on the fourth floor and the third will be near the Quest room. Each will have a moveable wall so teachers may choose whether to team-teach or keep their classes separate. We will also create more breakout spaces, both within and between the rooms. Our high school humanities teachers are excited to have more options to teach collaboratively and group students flexibly in response to teacher preferences and student needs.

In the middle school, a learning community design for 7B will build on lessons learned through sixth-grade pathfinders. A learning commons and a learning studio will feature warm lighting and comfortable furniture for lessons, discussions, and research, while two project studios with a more industrial vibe will accommodate hands-on learning. Breakout rooms and two mobile soundproof pods will accommodate smaller groups. The 7B environment will incorporate more natural light and greenery. Acoustic panels will help manage noise, while motion sensors and dimmer controls will save energy. We will also trial a new cooling system to better balance comfort and energy efficiency. Nine visible temperature sensors will help students understand the pros and cons of different cooling technologies.

To support the consolidation of our sports and activities programs, we will complete two office redesigns. Our new Eagle Activities and Athletics office will utilize part of the current PTA space and will house staff currently in the EAA and CSA offices. We will also renovate our high school activities office to accommodate our middle and high school activities and athletics staff. The adjoining athletic training room will also be upgraded. For more information about changes to our activities and athletics program, please read on here.

As part of our building maintenance and refreshment cycle, the high school will receive some tender loving care. All 36 restrooms will be refurbished with new fixtures that meet the highest standards of the PUB's Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling scheme. Exterior walls and corridors will be cleaned and repainted, and the basement carpark will be re-waterproofed.

2019 Summer Projects

Smaller Projects

  • Refresh and chemically clean elementary school restrooms
  • Create office for elementary school Dean of Students
  • Refresh and upgrade elementary school library
  • Upgrade bus walkway roof coverings in elementary and middle schools
  • Re-waterproof undercover elementary school carpark
  • Re-laminate dining tables in all cafeterias
  • Refresh and upgrade selected classrooms in elementary and middle schools
  • Renovate two offices in central administration area
  • Refresh selected spaces in high school office

Deliberate and careful planning of SAS summer projects is integral to our efforts to act as a responsible steward of our financial and physical resources. Summer work projects allow us to keep our facilities fresh, safe, and reliable so they continue to support our program needs. By completing as many projects as possible during the break, we avoid disrupting classes during the year or exposing students, staff, and visitors to risk or discomfort. We thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

If you have any questions or concerns related to our summer work plans, please email Anthony Wong, director of facilities and services, at If you have comments, questions, and suggestions for future finance articles, please send them to We look forward to hearing from you.