Finance at SAS 801: Introducing the Finance at SAS article series

Welcome back from summer break, and to our new families, welcome to SAS! For the past seven years, the school leadership has published a finance column in eNews with the goal of maintaining open communication about the financial, operational, and investment decisions made by the school administration. In total, we have written over 100 articles, all of which can be accessed at Finance at SAS on the school website. Each year's articles are numbered sequentially, from the 100 series in 2011–12 up to the current 800 series of 2018–19.

Our Finance at SAS articles are published every two or three weeks in the school's Friday eNews. They cover a broad range of topics, such as how we ensure financial stability, student and staff demographics, school security arrangements, and explanations of facilities projects. Some articles give parents information about nuts-and-bolts issues, like the school budget or our annual re-enrollment exercise. Others consider broader topics, such as the changing international school scene in Singapore or the evolving role of philanthropy at SAS. Parent questions or comments are always welcome and have led to some of our most interesting articles.

When you see a Finance at SAS article in eNews, we encourage you to take a few minutes to read it. We hope that by doing so you will learn more about Singapore American School and how it has flourished for over sixty years. If there are topics you are curious about, please browse through past years' articles on our website or email Chief Operating Officer Matthew Rogers directly at We are always happy to hear from you!