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2018 Summer Projects at SAS

June 8 will mean the end of schoolwork for our students but the start of our facilities team's busiest time of the year. During the 54 work days (including Sundays) of the 2018 summer vacation, around 100 different projects will be tackled, involving an average of 60 contractors and at least ten construction vehicles daily. The summer work period allows us to renovate, replace, maintain, clean, and upgrade our SAS facilities in preparation for the start of school in August.

Summer projects are typically those that would cause too much disruption for students and staff if undertaken during the school year. From requests submitted in the fall, summer projects are determined through a careful cost-benefit analysis and assessment of criteria such as program needs, asset enhancement, aesthetics and branding, and safety and maintenance implications. After a competitive bidding process, contracts are awarded in the spring. Working on a tight schedule, the facilities team must prioritize safety, efficiency, quality, and attention to detail.

Major Projects

Major projects are coordinated through our ten-year asset management plan. This summer's major projects include a number of pathfinder projects, as well as the creation of our new SAS service center.

Our previous pathfinder projects have proved invaluable in helping teachers refine their ideas for how classroom environments best support our inquiry-based, collaborative, and interdisciplinary approach to learning. This summer, pathfinder projects in all three divisions will continue this process. New hubs will be created in first and fifth grades, while sixth grade's B and C sides will be renovated to the hub system as 6A was last summer. Other pathfinder projects include turning four pairs of middle school classrooms into more flexible spaces, creating a high school humanities learning hub, and creating a collaborative space for high school teachers.

For parents, our most noticeable summer project will be the new SAS service center. Our plans call for expanding and renovating the current SASCard office space to give families a central location for school-related errands. The service center will include a SASCard counter, a Yeap Transport bus service counter, a uniform sales area, and a student supply store. SAS staff and Yeap employees will be ready to help you with questions and purchases. A related project involves expanding our currently cramped communications office into space now occupied by Yeap staff.

Other major projects include several large-scale replacement projects, which will result in new seats and carpet in the elementary theater, a new wood floor in the band room, a new stage floor in the drama theater, and new lockers in PE changing rooms. We will also repair and upgrade two elementary school play areas and create offices for our three new curriculum and assessment specialists. We will finish our LED lighting retrofit in the elementary school and complete spot repainting on interior and exterior walls campus-wide.

2018 Summer Projects (Pathfinder projects and maintenance projects)

Smaller Projects

  • Install partitions in ES pool changing rooms
  • Replace selected HS classrooms' vinyl flooring
  • Replace selected classroom furniture, storage units, and shelving
  • Replace ceiling materials in lobbies and classrooms where necessary
  • Replace selected pumps, air handling units, and controls
  • Replace or upgrade power supply and surge protection in certain areas
  • Add new and replace some existing CCTV cameras; install extra fencing lamp posts
  • Test sprinkler systems in auditorium and HS carpark
  • Upgrade public address system components in corridors and pathfinder rooms

Through deliberate, efficient planning of summer projects, SAS acts as a responsible steward of our financial and physical resources. Summer work projects allow us to keep our facilities fresh, safe, and reliable so they continue to support our program needs. By completing as many projects as possible during the break, we avoid disrupting classes during the year or exposing students, staff, and visitors to risk or discomfort. We thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

If you have any questions or concerns related to our summer work plans, please email Anthony Wong, director of facilities and services, at If you have comments, questions, and suggestions for future finance articles, please send them to We look forward to hearing from you.