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A New Service Center and School Uniform Improvements

We are excited to announce two improvements that SAS families will notice when the 2018–19 school year starts in August. A summer renovation project will result in a new service center where families can complete school-related tasks in one central location. We are also changing our uniform distribution model and updating some uniform design elements to improve parents' and students' experiences around these clothing items.

A one-stop-shop for SAS tasks

For many years, we have heard from parents that completing necessary errands on campus can be inefficient and confusing. With service offices spread out around the campus, parents and students, especially those new to the school, have found it time-consuming and frustrating to complete various tasks in one go. Over the 2018 summer, a number of different service providers will be relocated into a new SAS service center.

By enlarging the current SASCard office, we plan to give families a central location where they can complete their school-related errands. The new service center will include a SASCard counter, a Yeap Transport bus service counter, a uniform sales area, and a student supply store. SAS staff and Yeap employees will be ready to help you with your questions and purchases. Other service-related offices nearby include the print room (for passport photos, printing jobs, and copy services) and our admissions, alumni, communications, and finance offices.

Changes in our uniform sales process

The Service Center renovation gives us the chance to reorganize how we sell and distribute school uniforms to SAS families. All uniform displays and sales will be moved into the new service center, where parents will be able to buy school-sanctioned uniform items for students in all grades. Spirit merchandise, non-uniform apparel, and school-appropriate SAS sweatshirts will continue to be sold at the PTA Store and the Booster Booth. Online uniform purchases for all grades will also be available through a Shopify site found on the SAS parent portal. Long pants will be available directly from Lands End.

Uniform design and production changes

We are also updating our uniform offerings to standardize options and address issues of comfort, fit, and appearance. SAS uniforms have had the same basic look for over sixty years, with a white polo shirt, blue bottoms, and a separate PE outfit. They have gone through various revisions, with the most recent occurring four years ago. Since then, inconsistencies have arisen between divisions, as well as complaints that certain garments can be uncomfortable or inappropriate. We are now evaluating our manufacturers and refining the fit, fabric, styles, and production details to correct areas of dissatisfaction.

Specific changes you will see in August include lengthening the uniform skorts and having both A-line and ruffled skorts available for students in all divisions; moving to easier-care fabrics for our shorts and removing bulky cargo pockets; including two side pockets in all uniform bottoms; standardizing our PE shorts material and offering PE shorts in two lengths; and placing the standard SAS logo on all tops and bottoms across the divisions. Pieces will be pre-washed and pre-shrunk, so there will be no unexpected changes in fit after the first wearing. We are demanding more rigor throughout the manufacturing and production process, so consistency and quality for all uniform elements will improve.

In order to make space for our new uniforms, the PTA Store and Booster Booth have been selling older items at a discount. Current designs will continue to be acceptable for two more years, so families who have recently bought uniform items can be confident that their children may continue to wear them.

We are confident that these changes will make life better for SAS students and parents, with a streamlined approach to school-related errands and more comfortable and appropriate uniform options. If you have any questions about these changes or would like to suggest a topic for a future Finance at SAS article, please contact Chief Operating Officer Matt Rogers at We look forward to hearing from you.